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I have enjoyed the Crime-stopper alarm system in my coach over the years (7) . I up-graded because the old remotes failed me and it was not the batteries. It was cheaper to up-grade then purchase new remotes. (Could not find new remotes) It would be nice to see a more user friendly installation instruction manual. It was hard to follow the instruction. Think about getting some one off the street and have them install the system to make the system more user friendly.

By ed on October 12, 2013


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Really like this paging alarm.

I have only had it a month or so but I like knowing no one is messing with my car while I'm asleep or even while I am at work because I can't see my car from inside my work. I hooked mine up with the bare minimum wiring...just 2 wires...Positive and Negative and also the antenna and sensor that both just plug in. I took all the other wires out from the main plug that had like 15 wires, and now it only has 2. I'm not saying to do this as it might affect your warranty but for me; I just wanted it to page me if my car got banged. The range seems very good on it and goes through all the walls at my work no problem as I have set it off on purpose to see if worked. The key fob receiver has a nice little lcd screen and has a lock that shows as locked or unlocked to let you know it's activated or not. It has an option to vibrate or beep, or both. As far as the sales...Sonic is excellent to deal with and ships out your product right away. All in all...I'm very satisfied.

By Mark C on January 16, 2015


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Very poor range

The 3000 foot range is very over stated. The best I am able to achieve is about 400 feet and thats with no obstacles in the path. I have installed many systems and most have lived up to their claims specs.

By Audio-wizard on October 16, 2013


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Crimestopper SP-302

I brought this car alarm about 30 days ago and I've never installed it in my car yet. The only thing i did with this item, is open the box and charged up the remote. From the looks of videos on YouTube, it looks like its a great car alarm system. The only bad thing the YouTube video said was that you will need a few relays for the optional hook up. That's was about it, everything else looks great

By Joe on August 22, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Excelente muy buena calidad me encanto,vuelvo a comprar con ustedes

By Anonymous on June 7, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Works great

Installed in a 63 Nova no power locks or windows, used door, hood and motion sensors. Haven't used at a motel yet. Everything installed as p per instructions. Key fob pager works great. Light flashes a code as to what item set alarm off. Like it a lot.

By Steve on March 6, 2017


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