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Directed 508D sensor

Well. I have to say, that as far as being sensitive, and doing what is supose to do, it does. On my case I had somone to install the alarm and the directed sensor 508D. One thing is that the sensitivity is to the max and when I park my car in between cars, the people of the other car triggers the alarm, giving me a false alarm, and embarrassing them with all the loud noise. I do not know how to adjust yet but I will try to find out.

By andaluz 49 on June 16, 2012


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Very useful gadget, difficult to tune

This tiny box makes the whole difference between an alarm that lets you know your car has been robbed, and one that scares the thief away before he even tries.

- Does exactly what you expect: warn-away chirps when someone lingers too close to the car, and full alarm if the interior of the vehicle is penetrated. Ideal for convertibles.

- It takes a lot of trial and error before you can get the sensitivity right.
- Very fragile. I damaged one of these while adjusting.

I am really looking forward to the next version of this sensor, to fix the cons.

By Dragos on January 4, 2010


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Good product

This is a very useful device, the extra security is a must have.
Keep in mind if your tint is very dark It might be very hard to achieve the warm away
Over all I recommend this product

By ishwar on August 24, 2014


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Additional peace of mind for Viper/Python premium car alarms

As Canadians, Directed Electronics vehicle security systems accessories are available only through selected installation dealers who will then order an item from their supplier. Wait times and higher costs are the result of so many middle men. This item cost us less than a third of what dealers in our area are charging and it was in our mailbox within a week of placing the order. As for the device itself, we use two, one concealed on the dash and another on the rear deck. These units have an oval field of coverage so that they can be oriented to monitor a selected area around a vehicle and not overlap fields.
Directed high end alarms have a 'warn-away' feature which is also triggered by the 508D accessory. Installation is fairly strait forward when the alarm module installation guide sheet is available--it is just a matter of plugging into the correct port. In our case where we use two units, the second unit must be spliced into the first with either a 'Y'-connector or surgery. Do not plug in more that two of these sensors as the alarm module circuitry will be compromised and damaged. Adjusting the field sensor size and sensitivity does take some practice so as to minimize false trigger events. A handful of sparrows fighting for crumbs around our car will trigger a warn away event; so will snow, rainfall and airborne sand. The movement of a car cover in the wind will also trigger an event. Parking underground or in an enclosed space will concentrate the field and air movement will then be a cause for false triggers. All of the above can be mitigated somewhat by the sensitivity settings one chooses. The 508D is easily configured to accommodate most any environment.

By eoslove on February 4, 2013


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Motion sensor

I picked this up on a whim, but it has come in handy. I can arm my alarm and leave the windows down and I am still protected. It definitely will warn you if get too close, and will set off the full alarm if someone reaches through an open window. It is Sonic's prices that keep me coming back for more.

By Gary on March 23, 2010


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directed 508D invisibeam field disturbance sensor

this is a great product. not only does it protect the inside of your car, it also senses motion on the outside. the fact that you can set the sensitivity on the inside and out is great. I feel much safer having this product on my car.

By jeff on June 8, 2006


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508D Field Disturbance

I added this sensor to my car and it does everything it says. It works like magic and I feel better now leaving my car outside, even though I know if a thief wants it, he will get it....... but a great product....

By Luis on November 2, 2005


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Amazing price backed by great service

This product is amazing, really adds another layer of protection to your alarm system. Personally I think that you should only get this alarm sensor if you have a 2 way system.why? Well because this sensor is really sensitive if you want to be extremely protective over your car, but the bad thing is that if your like me and want the alarm to ring when someone is looking in your car, well it's gonna be ring false alarms all the time when people pass next to your car or a big SUV or truck passes beside you car. So with a 2 way at lease I can look and see ohh we'll it was just the 2nd sensor and not my shock sensor. This sensor is really easy to install eaven if you don't know how to do any electrical work, as long as you can access your alarm brain and pass the wire under the dash and/or carpet you can install this yourself, need some time to adjust but once properly adjusted you will love this sensor. I would personally recommend this to anybody that wants to be extremely protective over there car and want to make people get scared when coming to close to your car :) all in all sonic electonix had the best price and service.

Thank you sonic electronix

By Anthony on March 21, 2013


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Great Value for the price!!

This is a great starter system if you would like to get a good car alarm without forking alot of cash up front. The only downfall about this alarm is that there are not alot of plug-in-play ports to hook-up accessories such as if you wanted to expand this alarm to add a digital wheel tilt alarm, sensors or any other accessories. If you want a basic alarm system, this is a great one to choose. If your like me and want to add more to it as time progresses, your better off spending a little bit more money and getting the next one up. I have maxed out all my ports and if I want to add more to it then I have to buy a more top of the line alarm to suit my needs. If you want a simple alarm and maybe adding one extra accessory to it then this is the way to go. Great alarm, never had any problems and still going strong. Of course it's Directed! The best car alarm manufacturer on the market!!

By Ronnee on September 14, 2010


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looks good, functions

love this little guy, keeps the bad guys running out of town,
This has saved my vehicle from getting broken in several times

By blake on October 14, 2013


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works great

it works great and didnt cost to much. I put it on a jeep. and added more to it im happy.

By maw on September 5, 2011


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Yuk. Did not like at all

Spent several hours adjusting to get it just right and perfect. Thought everything was good and went back inside to go to bed. Next morning while sitting at work the warn away option continually went off. Nothing was around the car. Wind was very slightly blowing but not hard by any means. I'm sending it back.

By James on December 7, 2011


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Not completely necessary.

I wish I hadn't purchased this item, but it was good to see what it is and how it works.
I have turned the sensitivity of this thing down almost all the way so that I dont have the car beep in my apartment complex parking lot when kids walk by my car. It took about 10 minutes to adjust the sensitivity so that it will only set the alarm off if someone enters the car through the glass.

By Josh on November 18, 2015 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great Deal

perfect add on module...Works very well.
I own it for a few weeks now, and I didn't had any issues until now.

By TerryA on April 5, 2016


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