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Vocal alarm Rules

This is just awesome equipment I always add this on to my vehicles I have Viper 791xv alams in all my vehicles I have the vocal just cuz its cool and it gets peoples attention unlike the standard siren which everyone hates to hear " when someone hears " Warning Protected by Viper" the pay attention to where its coming from! Add a Perimeter Sensor and people will keep away from you car

By d-block on September 2, 2009


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Nice Product

I would recommend this product although it is really not a critical item, just cool. :)

I was able to hook the mike input up to my iphone and record a sample from an old Star Trek episode so now if anybody gets too close to the car the alarm beeps and then the 516L says that the self destruct sequence is initiated. :)

I would like to be able to use the alarm remote as a trigger so that it can call up a prerecorded message at the press of a button, but I am not sure if that can be done.

By Sam on December 16, 2012


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Great value

I would recommend this product to anyone looking to buy it. It came exactly as described in a timely manner and at a great price.

By maurice on October 17, 2011


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The alarm is working great. I only wish I can program more than what is available.

By Rick on August 14, 2014


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Top Flight Products

Just wanted to say that everything that i bought from here was the same products but at a discounted price. They worked great and i will get parts of the product for my son car for his alram system and car stereo system.

By jimmie on April 20, 2012


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I Learned..

I have found out this 516L module does more than what i have anticipated. It also does error messages for example.. it says "check doors", "check trunk", and or "check hood" if it finds errors with these when arming the car alarm. Also instead of getting the chirps, after a zone has been violated, and after the alarm is silenced; when finally disarming the alarm it says what zones have been triggered. How cool is that :D

Some of the messages this module emits are as follows: "intruder alert, door access", "intruder alert hood or trunk access", Door Violation", "Hood or Trunk Violation" , "armed", and "disarmed" as far as the security messages go.

When you use the keyfob for remote start or Valet mode, the messages are as follows: "valet now starting engine stand clear", "caution valet operating vehicle", "valet engine shutdown", and "engine control valet". Other than that u have 9 slots for your own messages that you would want to here when a certain zone is triggered. Oh and I would use the PA but i have one that i use with my CB hmm maybe i should test it to see which one is louder so i could eliminate one of the 3 speakers that are under my hood.

I havent heard many talking alarms nowadays, its been a good while since the last time i heard one. I always wanted one and for the price that Sonic Electronix has it for, it was right on time. Good price now, if I could just talk to my car. Oh yes, i know the technology exist just need to find the lil VRM's (voice recognition modules). Get the 516L if u want to be different, or dont because i like being the only one in my area with it as far as i know. Like anything i own i kind of played with the functions a lil but thats how ya learn.

By Marcus on November 10, 2011


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By Bart on July 13, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

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