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Add this feature to your car.

I have a 1994 Nissan altima SE which did not come with a trunk release option. Upon installing my Viper 791XV i also purchased this unit. It is very easy to install and offers an included button for releasing from inside the car. This is a must buy if your car does not have a trunk release option.

By Jesus on January 17, 2006


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Very Good Product

I recommend this for all. I find it very useful and easy to install. All you need is a place to mount in trunk or hatch near latch.

By Jayachandra on December 20, 2012


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I installed it on a 2001 Toyota Camry CE. The pull is very strong and opens the trunk easily. I think you have to be careful where you install it. Try to have it pull straight and pull on the easiest to move lever (for me that was the smallest lever in the series of 3 levers that opens my trunk).

The cable end was frayed and I had to cut it with tin snips before I could use the screw that attaches the end of the cable to main part to form a loop to hook around the lever.

The kit comes with a good amount of 18 gauge wire, but it wasn't long enough for me to go all the way from under the steering wheel to the trunk. You will need extra wire, butt splices, and something to protect the wire to do this.

The kit has a couple of options for the mounting bracket. You will have to experiment and perhaps drill holes in the interior trunk lid. I was able to connect mine to existing holes that are for the interior lining fabric. The solenoid is about 3 inches in diameter and 5 inches long, so it's bulky and you have to find a good place for it.

Definitely requires some ingenuity and mechanical and electrical system knowledge. But an effective product at a reasonable price.
Have only had it for a week so I can't comment on durability and the life of the solenoid.

By Jim on August 10, 2014


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good product

I'm a proud owner of this actuator. It gave me an easy way to access my trunk without using my key.

By nara on February 3, 2014


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Works Great

Bought this to go along with the Crimestopper sp-202 security alarm/ remote unlock kit that I was going to install on my 92' grand am. The solenoid came with lots of extra parts that i didn't end up needing. Was sort of a hassle to install but mainly the fault of my car because of the way my factory trunk release is designed. Had to drill a little hole for the solenoids wire to run through so it could pull on the trunk release mechanism. One tip for others when installing is to keep the wire taut and to have little to no slack otherwise the solenoid won't be able to pull the lever to open the trunk. Great product overall though

By Simon on March 13, 2014


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Great accessory

I have a 1997 Ford Mustang and did not came with a trunk release feature. Every time I cross the border I have to open the trunk so, before I bought the Directed 522T I had to turn off the engine and open the trunk with my key. The job it´s a lot easier now that I add it to my Viper 350 Plus, that I also got here.
Works great, good price, easy to install. I recommend it!!

By Fernando on March 19, 2010


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Trunk Release

My professional installer suggested ill buy one of these things to have my alarm remotely pop the trunk on my 95 civic. I paid a third of what the local shop was asking for, it arrived very quickly, and it worked like a charm. I am very happy with my purchase and will most def be visiting this website again.

By Mo on September 28, 2014


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Weak Pull

This solenoid has very weak pulling power. As others on the internet have come to find out even if you find that sweet spot to where you actually get this thing to pop your trunk its never 100%. Unfortunately my car does not even have this sweet spot as if I get it to pop, my lock will not latch properly and if I get my lock to latch, the solenoid is just too weak to pull it. Do yourself a favor and research this trunk solenoid some more and spend the extra 10 bucks for a 35-40 pound solenoid.

By Eric on October 14, 2014


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Good quality

easy to install. haven't had problems opening my trunk. it took a little while to adjust it just right to open the trunk

By Brandon on November 1, 2009


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Good product

The product is so good, that is worth every penny.

By Gersi on September 18, 2013


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Works well, plenty of pull power

I used this solenoid to retrofit a remote trunk opener for my 2001 Corolla.
Works well, very powerful pull. I would recommend it. It's important to use at least 14awg wire to supply power to the unit as it drawn upwards of 10A.

By Dave on November 30, 2015


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Great value

I installed it in a 2001 Honda Accord, it works great the motor has more than enough power to the unlock the trunk

By sergio on December 23, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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great for my custom packard

i couldn't have asked you to make the unit for me and be just what i needed.

By ernest on October 21, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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