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Exellent product

I used this in my 2008 Chevrolet Impala to eliminate the road noise. I applied it to all four doors and it worked great. also made my factory replacement Rockford speakers I got from Sonic Electronix sound much better.

By Steve on July 10, 2011


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Must have!

Great roller, doesn't tear the matting and perfect for curved surfaces.

By Jay on August 30, 2012


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dynamat roller

Worked a 100% better than the plastic roller I was using and broke putting in dynamat. This roller is a must have if your putting down lot's of sound deadner.

By songee on December 26, 2010


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Helpful Tool

This tool was very helpful in installing the Dynamat in my car. It is a little pricey for just a rubber roller, but it definitely helped get the job done. I was able to use my fingers for the rest of the spots. Helpful Tool, would recommend to anyone doing a lot of Dynamatting.

By Brian on August 1, 2009


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great product

this tool really does help, but you can also just use the butt end of a screwdriver to smooth out the dynamat original or extreme

By Trenton on March 2, 2007


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Much needed

Rubber tool is much easier to use than the wood roller in large areas, but I found the wood roller to be helpful in tight spaces as well. If you are only going to get one, get the rubber. Very hard to properly install without one

By RossGo on March 5, 2010


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Tool of choice!

This tool may look plain but it is, however this tool mixed with a heat gun or your dynamat laying in the sun on a hot day makes ease and longivity of your installation. This helps to fill all the cracks and tight areas. Recommended for one time application or the car audio installer.

By Chasten on January 3, 2008


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good but overpriced

Like everyone else here, its overpriced when you figure it cost probably $4 to manufacture. But if you're laying down dynamat on the entire car surface, floors, doors, trunk, rear deck, firewall, door interiors, the works! Its worth having, still, you'll use a large ratchet handle or other stiff big object to squeeze the mat into corners and oddly shaped areas of the car. But its so much easier to roll it omitted versus rubbing your hand across the car surfaces. I do wish dynamat made it with a longer handle for leverage and better control, the handle on this thing is short and miniature.

By brianw- on August 1, 2012


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great tool

I recommend buying this tool when you purchase your sound deading, made my installation a breeze.

By Jason on October 16, 2011


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It's a rubber roller...

It's a rubber roller. It rolls and it's rubber.

Gets bubbles out good.

Great for bubble wrap.

Has lots of features.

By Maximillian on October 24, 2012


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Works Well!!!

Works as advertised but I still used a deep 3/4 inch socket, the back of a screwdriver, and a heat gun to get the job done. This thing is really useful and helps but it's worthless if you do not heat up the sound dampening sheets with a heat gun. It helps a lot with covering all the extrusions of a door, floor, or roof in any vehicle. All in all this roller is pricey but a useful tool to do this job right.

By K-Ill on June 29, 2011


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Must Have when installing Dynamat

Really helpful tool for Dynomat/Dynamat. It is much better than the wood roller. Just a little pricey for a rubber roller.

By Clint on March 29, 2009


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good but wish there was something better

It got the job done, but as stated above, I wish there were an even better one than this. Doing a whole trunk with this will definitely give you a few blisters; I even cut my fingers a couple of times on the metal while trying to apply pressure.

By Danny on July 11, 2008


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must have

You will want this for installing Dynamat, there is a foil type coating that will cut your hands. Also helps flatten the dynamat.

By Andy on September 23, 2011


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Good tool

Looked around everywhere for comparable tool. Nothing quite as friable as the dynamat rubber. Works great. Only gave 3 stars for value because you know it only costs $2-3 to make. But, like I said, could not find one to work quite as well.

By Damien on March 4, 2012


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Dynamat Rubber Roller

I used this rubber roller to install sound deadening in my trunk. This roller is pretty heavy duty and I was able to get the entire trunk done before the metal on the head started to bend. This is a good product and I would recommend it for the price, it was worth the money.

By Phil on August 16, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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