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Pleasantly Surprised!

I had a high end brand 12" sub and had to downsize to a 10" sub due to the trunk size. I was very surprised that it sounded as good as the 12". Great low base response! Would definitely recommend and buy more in the future.

By Steven on June 7, 2014


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Blown after 1 month

I loved how it sounded up till it blew, recomend for a lower wattage amp definatly wouldn't pair it w a JL/250 hard to belive it would blow out w that.

By Frank on December 20, 2014


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still holding strong

I got this sub runnin on a apsm 1500 @ 2 ohms paired with dbxi 10 in seperate boxes ( both subs are single4ohm) sub is seein 500 rms holds its on ...the cone works a lot harder then the dbxi (polypropelyn vs pressed pulp) and voice coil gets hot but the sub has performed beautifully without a flaw...I even dropped it a couple times accidently before installing...if your looking for something low on the price bt big on the sound this is it...not a lot to look at but it sounds great when given over the recommended wattage rms

By pharaoh free on November 13, 2012


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Xmax is amazing

This subwoofer has 25mm one way xmax (50.8 mm total), and with 475w rms from the amp, it fills the bottom end nicely. This is the kind of excursion you see on 15's.

It is low sensitivity at 87 db. In the sealed enclosure it starts to get good only at higher volume. It is an entry level SPL subwoofer and requires more amplifier wattage in sealed enclosure. Huge bass from a fairly small cone. My enclosure is .78 cu ft, recommended is 1.0- 1.35 cu ft. I know it would be deeper with more cubes, just don't have the room.

For the money, its a steal. The TNT manual drawings are incomplete. Its true cutout size is 9-1/8" and could be tapered from 9" even. Measure twice cut once! I wasn't about to ruin a 1" baffle, (that 9 5/8" cutout figure is bunk. that's the distance from bolt hole center-to-center).

By Kyle on March 14, 2012


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Great Value

Great subwoofer for the price. Highly recommend in a sealed enclosure, not for ported boxes. When setup correctly they sound great!

By David on May 16, 2016


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