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great electronic unit a must

It works! it does what it says LONG RANGE right from your phone, u do need a 12volt 1 amp plug in transformer for in house use, but besides that the unit is fabulous.

By kman on July 16, 2014


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Bluetooth module

Product is great. I have purchased a few for various projects and have been happy with all of them

By Marcus on May 11, 2015


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Fusion MS-BT100

I'm using this in a speaker cooler connected to a line out driver (PAC LD-10) and then to an amp (Polk PA D2000.2). I connect power/ground to switch/battery (respectively) and plug RCAs into line out driver.

The Fusion MS-BT100 is AMAZING! I stay connected at up to 30 ft distances with line of sight to dongle; when dongle is in cooler and lid closed I get about 15-20 ft distance.

Only complaints is the price is a bit high ($45) for a version 3.0 BT. With version 4.0 out now there are other brands that allow for farther distances of connection.

I understand that you lose a bit of freq response when using BT instead of AUX direct connecting but this is hardly noticeable. I get great freq response from highs to low deep bass. I would recommend this to anyone looking to hook it up in a speaker cooler/boat/car.

By Thomas on July 31, 2015


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Fusion MS-BT100

I use this in a speaker cooler and it's amazing! The distance is about 20ft inside cooler and makes everyone surprised.

I would recommend this to any friends using in a speaker cooler/boat/car.

By Thomas on July 31, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Worked great

Bought this for my sxs. Worked great. Good price. Very easy install

By Jon on August 3, 2015


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Works great, quick delivery

I receive this in a very short amount of time plugged right into my system and has been working great every since

By Sir on August 28, 2016

Works great

Put this unit in my 22' boat. The cd reciever is inside the cabin away from the drivers seat so I wanted to be able to control the music and volume while driving on the deck. Works awesome so far. Connects to my galaxy s5 no problem and quickly. Used the aux input on the back of the reciever and ran a relay off of the blue wire/amp turn on circuit because the boat is only wired with a constant hot to the stereo. That way the Bluetooth turns on and off with the deck.

By Drummerjason on April 4, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

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