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Atlanta, GA

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June 20, 2016

Got the Toynu3 for my lexus 2005 ls 430 . Its been more than a month since i have started using it . First thing is the memory stick works really well. But be sure to use a memory stick with less capacity. I had one with 64GB and when i inserted it The audio system never worked. then used my old memory stick with 8 GB it started working. 95 % of the times it works perfects sometime the memory stick didn't get detected.

The Andorid app provided to use in phone is pathetic and keeps crashing always. While connecting it the mobile phone 50% of the time it doesn't get detected. And you need to turn off your car and then try it again . Some times when you turn on the GPS in car first and then try to turn on audio it doesn't work.
The video showing how to remove the panel forget to show a screw to be removed from center. I was almost about to break my panel by trying to pull it out , then found a screw needs to be unfastened, then was able to fix it.

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