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When I ordered the BassLink ll, I wasn't sure of kind of sound that it would produce. It was impressive for the size, nothing earth shattering but a good solid sound. It fits great right behind my console in my single cab Chevy. Not disappointed on this purchase.

By Jeremy on September 27, 2010


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Gave me the bass

Originally bought the Kenwood KSC-SW10 sub. Liked it for it's size but after awhile I saw it's limitations. I ended up giving it to my son and decided to get the Basslink 2. Got it and hooked it up in my trunk (2001 Neon). Hookup was pretty straight forward. After listening I have to say that this Basslink is in a whole other league from the Kenwood and the Kenwood sounded pretty good. My system sounds so clean and good now, I don't want to get out of my car! I am now happy as a bass clam and good to go. This thing gives me everything I wanted and still kept everything in balance. The single best purchase I have made regarding my car sound system. I'm really happy that I made the choice I did.

By Mike89 on October 26, 2009


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By keith on January 4, 2010


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Awesome Product

This was the final piece in my budget system for my civic and i absolutely love it, the other things i have in my car are Pioneer TS-A1682R 6.5,Pioneer TS-A6992R 6"x9", and a premier 690ub headunit and all these things work great together. The only thing i didnt like about it was the price, which is out of sonic electronix control since they offer a great price for it, oh and i bought it through ebay so i could get over 50 bucks back with live cashback, just remember to buy the amp kit from these guys too because i had to pay over 20 bucks more from a local sound shop. overall this thing gives off a lot of bass, more than enough for me oh and i was able to install this by myself which is surprising because i didnt even install my normal speakers or headunit which are probably easier, installing this is only time consuming not hard at all.

By Gabriel on December 1, 2008


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Good product

I was very happy with this product. Produced plenty of bass for my tastes, and the remote bass knob is very handy. Fairly easy to install as well, and it takes up a minimal amount of trunk space, considering it is a 10" square sub, enclosure, and amplifier all in one unit. I also installed the 4SC 4-channel amplifier into the Basslink as well, which did a great job of pushing my full-range speakers. Although, this is not a product for bassheads. If you're looking for teeth-rattling bass, you may want to look somewhere else. This is better for developing a very descent, well-rounded system.

By gary on June 20, 2010


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Just what I wanted

Installed in a 2001 Silverado ext. cab under rear seat. Fits pefectly. I used quick disconnects on everything for an easy removal if I need the floor space, again, works perfectly for me. Plenty of bass to fit my needs, loud and hits plenty hard. I like electronic, hip hop and metal, a wierd mix, but the basslink works like a champ. I love the remote gain, turn it down when at the stop light or the wife is with me, or turn it up to show off in front of my friends. I love it.

By Doug on August 5, 2009


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Gentlemens Bass

Good solution for those who want to round out thier sound quality without having to sacrifice cargo space. The compact and durable design delivers an appropreate amount of bass and is easily removed for hauling or sport (I mounted mine on velcro strips). It has a good punch, but not over the top. If you want to add bass for your listening enjoyment and not for show, this may be the product for you. Great Value.

By steve on May 11, 2009


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Infinity Basslink2

I have used this product and the prior model (Infinity Basslink) and have been quite pleaed with both models. I had used them in a small SUV and was very happy with the sound out of such a small box. I had never had it shut down like another reviewer had mentioned- maybe his wasn't wired properly with his line level inputs???

I recommend this product and all of Infinity's stuff. Infinity's Amps, subs and speakers have kept me happy for the past 15 years. Just remember- you get what you pay for. Cheap Electronics are just that...Infinity definitely does not make cheap electronics.

By 97drexelgrad on January 16, 2009


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Infinty Basslink II

The unit has worked flawlessly for 6 months now and I couldn't be happier with it. Also, the item shipped on time with 0 problems.

By jeff c on July 22, 2010


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Nice sub

The sub was easy to install. The instructions are easy to follow. It doesn't take up that much space and added plenty of bass.

By Brian on March 18, 2009


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Please dont buy

This unit does sound nice, when it works. Frequently shuts off to protect itself when you turn the volume up too loud... big problem. does not allow you to get your music up loud enough to appreciate the sound of this sub. It works nicely, easy to use etc. but does not work correctly, bad design by infinity. Also too expensive, for nearly the same price i bought two 12 MA subs and an 1800 amp to sound ten times louder for the same price, maybe 80$ more than the infinity just for a box. Definitely worth spending your money on a better system. Does not work well with rca cables, works best with splices, and still shuts off, very frustrating.

By janet on December 5, 2007


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Great Price - Good Product!

I put this in my 09 Chevy Malibu LT2 with the factory radio and it sounds great. I wasn't looking for a ton of bass just some extra to fill out the sound of the system already in the car. I really am happy with it. I bought another one for my 03 Trailblazer LT and it sounds nice in there also.

By VS on August 19, 2010


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Great for a smaller vehicle

I have this in the back of my Ranger Supercab, and it is more than enough bass to satisfy me. I would imagine if it was in the trunk of a car the unit might seem a bit anemic but in this configuration it is more than enough. As for sound quality, I am continually amazed at the clarity and depth of the 10" speaker inside the plastic case. I would definitely recommend this unit.

By Ethan on July 12, 2007


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