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My speakers protected, Thats's my main purpose i bought this product! Now not only protected but no distortion and sound good. Results in your hand upon how you set it up.... Please try.

By nanthakumar on September 11, 2014


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very useful product

The sound quality of my infinity reference just jumped out of the roof when i installed these. Very satisfyed. The only compulsion i have is that they say shallow mount but they are kinda bulky and get in the way of my window when rolled all the way down. Overall, fantastic product.

By zedrik on May 7, 2014


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Great protection

These baffles are made thick walled and very flexible. Made the door speaker an easy install with excellent weather protection. Thank you Sonic.

By JoeG on May 31, 2012


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waste of money

I got these in a 2003 corolla and they don't do any good. I'l probably dynamat like the other review suggested. Don't waste your money on this.

By Bronz on November 25, 2011


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Good Baffle

They worked good for my project. Keeps everything out of the speakers. One got a tear in it but something fell on it. Still works little duct tape.

By Jeff on August 2, 2011


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Great product

I've used these in many cars throughout the years. Not only do they protect the speakers, they tighten up the sound and make the output more crisp.

By James on August 3, 2014


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Worth The Money

My speakers sounded terrible in my 91 F-150. The speakers weren't very loud, and you could hear the crackle and rattle. I put these install bays in the it and it made them sound clearer and took away the rattle. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

By Estel on October 5, 2013


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Work great

Properly installed these work great. Put them in my doors with my JL speakers, no sound deadening used just cut about a 1" hole in the back of each baffle (As the speakers are not designed to be enclosed). I get exceptional mid bass, no vibration or rattles whatsoever, even at max volume.Plus I'm content knowing my speakers are protected from water dirt etc, which can get inside your doors.Worth the few bucks spent.

By Flagrum3 on April 30, 2011


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perfect fit

Perfect fit ...not alot room in 2013 f150 but these worked great

By gonzo on August 18, 2014


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All these baffles did for me was supply distortion. Do yourself a favor. If you want more mid bass, dynamat your doors and get better speakers. You get what you pay for.

By tom on April 21, 2011


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Perfect for Audiophiles

Another great install experience. I first used these with Boston Pro Series 5 speakers in the early 1990s. This time, I purchased a set of Boston Pro Series 50SE speakers which were getting hard to find ($400 for a discontinued item... no problem... it's Boston Pro Series for crying out loud!). So, as you SHOULD expect, the SUBJECTIVE experience of "bass" is lessened if you keep the "enclosure" of the baffle sealed. If you slice off a bit of the baffle (e.g. a 2-inch hole at the bottom), then you'll get more SUBJECTIVE bass experience as the back wave will then move into the door cavity and the woofer cone will have less dampening and will travel further with less power. For the Boston's, it was important to keep the baffle sealed from the rest of the door cavity for sound purposes, not just for protection from water or debris. So, I kept the baffle sealed and put some polyester fiber-fill and felt inside the back of the baffle to make it act like a small monitor. Then I sound deadened the panels of the door and the interior panel. I also fabricated a foam "donut" from Frost King small pipe insulation and placed it around the circumference of the speaker so that it completely isolated the front wave from finding its way into/between the door and the interior panel. So, how does it sound. Well, great, if you want to just hear your speaker and not the door. I effectively reduced the radiating surface to 5-1/4", instead of the several square feet of sound one gets from a resonating door surface... that makes a big difference which I am pleased. I used to be in radio programming and in our sound studios we were very interested in point-source sound. That's what I have with these baffles: beautiful soundstage with the Boston' and a full, rich, point-source soundfield which - strangely enough but technically correct - fills the entire front of the car while leaving the doors silent. Oh, and yes, I do notice a reduction in SUBbass because the backwave is not bouncing around inside the door. This will require another set of woofers (4 total) to beef things up from 60-100Hz (think of bass guitar or rifle shots - yes, I listen to movies in the car). But with over 700 watts going to two pairs of Boston's (yes, I did buy another set!), and then 500 going to a sub, I think the bass and SUBbass questions will be well answered. The Install Bay/XTC baffles are a must and have a huge impact on sound for those who either want to protect their speakers or fashion an audiophile-grade speaker install, or both. I couldn't be happier.

By L-pad on December 16, 2014


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Beware, may not be right for you

The intention was to protect my midbass from water and the product would do that well. But it killed the bass response, like if mthe speaker was chocked and no air to move. End up cutting the bottom part for ventilation and leaving the top to protect water coming down from the window.

By S. on June 4, 2014


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Neat Product

Used this to protect the speaker from the elements that come into the door from the outside.. A plus is that it also makes the speaker sound alot better

By Daryl on January 19, 2013


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great buy and super easy

These are a great buy, not only do they keep the speakers dry but they also act as a sound damper as well

By chris on November 1, 2015


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El articulo super buenisimo,quede muy complacido con el.adem?s se ajusta a la perfecci?n y da una buena calidad de sonido.lo recomiendo para todo aquel que este interesado en este articulo.Gracias sonicelectronix,por ese gran servicio que le brinda a sus clientes.

By Yuni on December 21, 2016


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I like these, they do the job.

I like these, I think they will protect my speakers and wires form corrosion in the extreme environment of the inside of my door during winter months.

I tried these with no holes cut in them and they made my speakers sound hollow and harsh.

I cut a large hole in the back, near the bottom, while still leaving the top and back of the cylindrical shape there for protection. So now my speakers can use the door as an enclosure, and not this tiny foam cup.

After that my speakers went back to sounding great again, but they are still protected from the salt and grime and moisture.

Also the edge works well as a mounting surface for the speaker, and calms down vibrations, even though I have sound deadener on the door around the speaker, this still helps.

By BWX on November 29, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Easy and what i needed

Easy to install and and protect the back of the door speakers from moisture and do a lil but of dampining to, very soft foam so its not gunna dampin as much as a rigid abs plastic one! On the pricet side for wht they are not much ro em at all but it dose come with two so thats good

By Shadudes on March 25, 2018


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Great idea

Works great for door mounted speakers, no more damage from moisture inside door.

By John on March 11, 2018


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speaker hats

They do what they are advertised to do. Protect the back side of the speaker from water ,dust, rust and any other type of stuff you would not want damaging your speaker

By Charles on August 30, 2016


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best shop ever ever !!!

good quality product
work great, thanks sonic electronix, the best shop on the net !!!

By Freddy Silas on November 8, 2012


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Essential for those who value their speaker and audio sistem.

The speaker is more exposed to the weather than most of us think it would. Dust, heat, humidity and even rain water is in direct contact with the speaker inside the door panel. Therefore, the install bay is the little thing that make great improvement in the system. This would also mean improvement in overall performance of the audio system.

By Chin on November 29, 2015


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Great sounds barriers

I tested the sound with and without them and the sound and bass is a ton better with them. I'm glad I chose these as the included free add-on. Easy to cut and form to the area that it would be sitting in.

By Michael on October 16, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Install Bay VXT62

Simply places your door speakers into these reduces vibrations and rattle quite a bit, as well as improves sound quality. Good for if you want a quick fix, but it's not going to completely solve vibrations and rattles like a full sound dampening will.

By Anonymous on June 12, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great pricing and quality

I wanted these baffles since they claim to be waterproof the speakers and provide better sound quality. This is going in a old pickup.

By Tim on April 15, 2018


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Great sales

I had a few orders going, these baffles where the second order. I recived all of my other orders and these last. None the less these guys are great and have great prices and will do buisness again

By None on December 27, 2015


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