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Clear, powerful bass

These subs are amazing. I could finish the review there. I used to run two Kicker CVRs (as a first pair) but was sold on a pair of W6s after a demo by an audio retailer. I am running these with a Rockford T-1000 in a ported box, and stock radio (waiting for an interface kit on backorder), and these subs are monsters. I have to warn people before they sit in the backseat of my car (2014 Elantra) because these things HIT. You would think they were in the cab with you, and the SQ is unbelievably clean. I have friends with L7 SoloBarics, and while they might get louder, it sounds clangy and choppy. They are envious of how clean these W6s hit compared to the SoloBarics. Sure, they are a bit pricey, but any audiophile would be proud to own subs that sound like this. The only downside really is that when I run them at over +9 db, they shake the mirror and the sunglasses holder in my car loose. I really look forward to hearing them with the Excelon touchscreen that's going in. I'd like to hear the highs a bit more, but I'll probably have to tune the inside speakers for that.

By JQueezy on August 3, 2014


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12W6. High Price, High Quality

I have owned this subwoofer for 6 years now and it is still going. I'm very impressed since I have ran it on many 12 hour long trips. I feel that I abuse this thing. Hours of Dubstep and how my brother in-law puts it, "Speaker murder." I am running it off a JL 500/1v2 at 2ohms and it is placed in a ported box with 1.5cubic feet tuned to 31hrz just as recommended.

I was surprised that it hits the high notes pretty good and destroys your chest with the low notes. Many people look for LOUD woofers and think that is 'good bass' or 'sound' quality. This sub is loud but it is so impressively clearly! I love when people tell me there subs are louder. Yea maybe 5-10db, but I hear their's bottoming out and distortion filled.

The excursion really helps keep this thing cool and the quality build is meant to last. It is a lot of money up front for one sub but over the coarse of 6 years, not so bad. I would definitely purchase again IF I could afford the money upfront at that point in time. As of now, I'm 6 years in and its still experiencing 'speaker murder' by my favorite DJs.

ps: I know 12's can get a little slopping and can get behind on notes. I was shocked to hear this thing punch 16th note bass sequences. Every note clear and precise. Amazing.

Running: 5001v2 on 1 12w6v2, 400/4v2 on c2650s with Clean Sweep sound processor.

Pros: Amazing sound quality through the full range. Quality build. Made in U.S.A. You only need one.

Cons: Box size (if your worried about cargo space), Upfront price, your fiancé will think its to loud, and hearing loss.

By Greg on April 22, 2014


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Worth Every Penny!!

This sub is really expensive so it might turn a lot of people away. But for those looking for high quality stuff that isnt going to crap out once you turn your volume up, jl is the way to go. In terms of performance this sub gets really loud in the custom ported box i have for it. it sounds like two 13 w1's in a sealed box loud wise. it carries farther so it seems louder and it reproduces notes on a level on its own. the lows are as deep and as clear as you're gonna get and it hits every note subs are supposed to. my subs take a toll because i use them for every day use and i like my music to pound. i have this sub wired at eight ohms hooked to a rockford 1000 bdcp with the gain at five and it takes it like a champ and performs like the hype says it should.

By Joseph on August 7, 2013


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Awesome sub

Sub sounds great of course.. I have it in a ported box @1.30 and is tuned @33hz.
PROS... it hit every bass note.. i also have it on a JL 500/1 ..can't go wrong with JL.

By Steven on June 16, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Awesome company

Great product; it was worth EVERY penny spent. Sonicelectronix is worth every dollar they charge. Great products at great prices, you can't go wrong!

By Janell on October 3, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Best price anywhere

I took the open box option and got this sub for $549 ... I could not believe I was buying the 12 for the price of the size 10 version! Prior to Sonic Electronix I was looking at JL directly as well as other well known options and the prices were all near original retail. Then I started looking at used private sellers but I know that certain high dollar things just need to be new in order to know you are getting your money worth. Damn glad I kept searching and stumbled across this site. Item arrived on time as promised and I found zero flaws. Everything was in the original box including decals and warning labels. If this is how every open box item comes I’d always buy open box items from Sonic Electronix. It’s like they just opened the box, looked at it, and closed the box. The money saved went towards a ported box built to spec. I haven’t installed the sub yet because I’m still collecting items. I wanted to secure this sub and build around it otherwise I may have ended up settling for less on a sub selection. I’m pretty stoked, great site, I’ve already recommended it to several people, and buying more from here to build my system.

By Michael on October 29, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Just get it!

This is the rare occasion when an expensive, top of the line item is worth the extra money. I downsized from a 15 in a 3.5cuft ported box in a car to two of these in a 2cuft sealed box in a truck. There’s no comparison! The 15 wasn’t a jl product but my goodness the diff is unreal. Had two 12” Audiofrog subs, gs not go, in my truck before this and I just wasted my money on those. Just buy these and end your search for good sq with high output.

By maurice on October 19, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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This thing is a BEAST. It doesn't get much better than this sub. Great quality and sound.

By cj on January 21, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Clean hard hitting Bass, One sub is all you need!

I have had the 10W0, 12W1, 12W3 and now the 12W6. This is by far the best sounding hardest hitting sub I've owned. First be sure to give it a full 600 watts to get the best sound. I was using a JL XD600.1v2 and it sounded OK, but I knew it could be better. I mated it with a Kicker KXa800.1 and boy the bass was pounding my back and ringing my ears! All you need is one of these subs in a Spec 1.3 cubic foot ported box (built my own) and this subs hits hard, go lows and plays for hrs.. People says JL is over rated and expensive. The only other sub I've heard that sound this good were 2 Cerwin Vega 12's and that was back in 1998.

By Anonymous on July 26, 2019


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JL Audio 12W6v3-D4

Ive heard w7s i've owned the w3v3 but this 12w6v3 is better then both imo rubber surrounds dead accurate even ported and it doesn't require a lot of power to get loud the w7 is louder and more forceful but thats it the w6v3 plays cleaner more accurate and has deep low bass it's an amazing sub and it's worth the price

By Anonymous on June 22, 2018


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Hands down the best subs I've owned!!

I've had many subs over the years including W3's but the are by far the best. I've yet to listen to W7's but I can only imagine!!

By john on August 14, 2016


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Great quality

To this day I still have a 12W6v1 that I'm still using since 2006 and now I got a 12W6v3 that I know will be subbing for as long

By Ricardo on November 17, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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By Michael on December 15, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

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