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Great set of speakers...

These speakers are a perfect complment to the JL Audio C5-570 components. I put them in the rear doors of my F-250 Super Duty and they sound amazing!

My audio build with these speakers... all purchased here at Sonic Electronix... These guys are extremely trustworthy...

By CommercialRig on September 16, 2009


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Nice sound

Reading reviews made my decision on buying these speakers.
I am very, very happy with the clarity and crisp sounds these produce.
Buy them and you won't be disappointed.

By Chris on October 17, 2010


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Good Upgrade

I put 4 of these in a 2002 Navigator. Perfect fit for factory 6x8's. The highs and mids are great and the bass is decent for a 5x7 speaker. Very clear sound compared to the factory speakers!! This was my first purchase from sonic electronix...the price was the best I found and they were delivered to my door on time! I will be back soon to get a sub to complete my system!!

By Cubfan1 on March 3, 2009


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Loved these

I had these and swapped them into a couple different cars. Loved these paired with MB Quart 6.5's. I actually preferred the highs these produced over the MB Quarts. I thought they were pretty clean in the mids as well for a 5x7 though clean mids and lows are hard to come by in this size. Worth the money.

By Tyler on December 15, 2011


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Awesome speakers!

These are great speakers. JL's speak for themselves! I run mine off of headunit power and they rock! I can only imagine how they would sound with some power behind them.

By James on August 17, 2011


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great speakers

I have owned a set in my 2007 Honda accord for five years now and they still sound great. Crisp highs but not a lot of bass but there 6×9s so... I just purchased these for a 2001 mustang with a 70 × 4 Kenwood amp and crossed them at 80 hz hpf. If your planning on a sub then you definitely can't go wrong with these,there sound is phenomenal ! BTW as far as durability no speaker can handle being underpowered and driven hard . they will over heat quickly and blow.

By Timothy on April 25, 2014


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Its JL..

Great sound from a mid-range product.

By Sam on September 30, 2011


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Sounding great haven't bought a amp yet but in the process of getting hd9x5. Which will make the sound even better. JL baby.

By STXchief on September 12, 2012


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Great mids and highs!

I would reccomend these speakers as part of a complete system. Without a sub, you would probably be dissapointed. But the mids and highs come so clearly and natural sounding. If you want more bass from a 6x8, go with the kicker ks68. They have a little brighter(harsher), tweeter, but they have a lot better bass. These jl audio c2-570x are great speakers and are hard to distort. Outstanding!

By Clint C. on March 24, 2011


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Easy install great product

Great value, speakers sound great. The fitment was excellent and the install took 5 minutes.

By Chad on December 20, 2013


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