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purchaesed these along with the coax C2 in winter 2010 and rewired my entire car through a audiocontrol LC7 (which i love) and powered them up after two days of work. they fired up with no issues but I noticed something weird after 3 or 4 days of mid level listening... the tweeter would decrease its volume and it would sound like crap. I like to listen to my music fairly loud but the tweets couldn't take the power from my amp. compared to some other speakers the mid bass is lacking as well. needless to say i have disconnect the tweets and the mids sound like crap.... be very cautious or at least dont give'em too much power.

By mp on May 16, 2011


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Great speaker! Completely happy with my purchase!

About 8-9 months ago i decided to put a new HU (Pioneer AVH-3300Bt) into my 2005 tacoma with no expectation of purchasing anything further car audio wise. After I installed the HU my stock speakers improved by quite a bit! Which made me wonder what would a decent pair of aftermarket speakers would sound like?!? Well after hours of scavenging the internet and going to local car audio shops i decided to get these (C2-650) for the front and the C2-650x's for the rear.

Because these speakers are a bit over sized (6 3/4) and have 6X9's up front i had to purchase speaker frames/mounts so they would fit into my doors enclosures. Once I had the mounts and the frames i went ahead and did the install. First thing i notice was the nice crisp highs from the silk tweeters while the speakers external crossover was set to neutral. None of that metallic "tis tis tis" tinging treble. I played around with the -3 +3 settings as well but thought 0 was right on!

I was running the speakers from my HU at what Pioneer said was 22 watts RMS but is probably closer to 12 watts per CEA Compliance. But it did not matter! The speakers sound as good as one could expect from such little power. They produced ample amounts of bass, mids, and highs!!! Now, don't get me wrong. I was not rattling my mirrors uncontrollably or anything but the speaks did a good job from low frequencies to high from HU power.

Well I could have settled with what i had seeing as I am not 18 y/o anymore and am not looking for anything other than nice crisp clean well rounded audio. But now that i had replaced my HU and speakers I couldn't resist purchasing an amplifier (Arc Audio KAR 400.4, 50w RMS X 4, but from what tests have shown Arc under rates their specs and is probably closer to 70w RMS x 4 at 4 ohms).

At the same time i purchased sound dampening material because even with the speakers being power through the HU it was causing things to rattle :-(

Installation of the amp and sound dampening material made a HUGE difference! Man those speaker hummed for the $$$. Now my mirrors were starting to rattle... okay just a little :-) Sounded good at all volumes and when eq properly almost made me think i didn't need a sub.

Yeah, of course... I decided to purchase a sub next ;-) (LJ AUdio 8w3v3-2) and ran the front and rear 6 1/2's in parallel from the amps rear channel's and the sub off the front bridged. I know not the best way to do it but working with what i got. So now with the speakers in parallel and a sub playing with them properly equalized my system is complete!

Long story short every which way I had these speakers set up they sounded great and am 100% happy with. This is not my first stereo and have tried out plenty of other compairable price wise speakers and setups and this is by far my favorite. Of course you could do better if you wanted to spend more but for the price these are above average and perfect for me!

By Justin on February 5, 2012


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Great sound

These speakers sound great. Good mids and highs. These speakers just keep sounding better everytime I hear them. JL all around from W7,1000/1. Perfect match

By Michael on February 11, 2011


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great clean sound

Great speakers can hear them very well in my 65 AC Cobra, over the wind and engine noise. I have JL amp (J-320.4) driving them and an iPod.

By Jess on July 25, 2011


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Great Sound-- Even Better Price

I have always been a fan of JL Audio products, and once again they proved to me that they can offer great performance speakers w/o having to break the bank.

By Frank on November 13, 2012


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not bad, noticeably better than factory

not an audiophile by any means, but i do appreciate a good ratio of sound quality to general loudness...frankly, i wanna blast my music and drive out road noise without having distortion, clipping, harsh tweeters, good mid-bass, etc. these speakers are great. powering them with an Alpine ktp445u (probably wouldnt recommend these comps without an amp)...first time installing comps, wasnt too crazy. the 3/4" tweeters snapped right into the factory tweeter locations with no modification. these do sound much better than my factory "pioneer" comps, but knowing what i know now, i think id go for C3 or C5 comps...dont get me wrong, these are good. the tweeters do clip sometimes at high volumes as others have commented, but that may or may not have more to do with how i tuned (or neglected to properly tune) my system than with the actual speakers. doesnt happen often and is usually remedied by consulting the volume knob...these get loud, play well, complement C2 coax in the rear doors and two 8 inch W3 woofers in the trunk very well. overall im pleased with them, but like i i just want MORE haha. perhaps C3 or C5s in the future. on a downside, these were made in China, as im sure all C2 sets are, which speaks for itself -unless you dont care about that sorta thing. good if your on a budget, better with an amp. i recommend for the price, but if you can, go for a higher end set

By J. Escuela on September 20, 2013


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awesome and precise

This component set is everything I expect out of jl audio the sound reproduction is amazing compared to the coaxial I had prior to these. Also sonics price is well worth the money they are as most components not as loud as coaxials but for a person buying components they are looking for clarity which they do and do well. Don't get me wrong they are loud without a doubt just in a different way

By Gary on January 11, 2010


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great speakers

the sound quality is awesome very clear good quality for the money i put them in everything i drive

By richard on May 29, 2013


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Very Good For The Price But Not For High Watt Systems

Overall I am very happy with these. I had a set of JL XR's in my old car which I loved and that is why I bought these. Very clear and GREAT bass response. Had to cut mid bass driver surrounds to install in a 2006 Grand Prix GXP, a spacer may have also worked, but depth wise they fit no problem.

Now What I Don't Like:
JL has put tweeter protectors in their Cross-Overs. This results in the tweeter dropping out from time to time. VERY annoying and makes one think there are other issues. If you are driving these with more the 75 Watts RMS you will probably experience this (I am at 110 watts RMS). It is possible to remove the protection device however they add a little resistance to the tweeter's cross-over so the highs might be a bit brighter than before. Another option is to run the tweeters at -3db or even do both. I am considering upgrading to the ZR tweeters to solve my issue as the tweeter sounds stressed when pushed. At mid volume they are VERY smooth and detailed.

By EG on November 30, 2012


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Great deal

I was looking for these speakers and needed them quick these guys had the quickest shipping I surely appreciate how quickly you were able to get me my speakers I'd surely suggest anyone that appreciates quick service and shipment look no further then right here

By robert on July 3, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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By ERIC on August 24, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Product

Love this product overall, cant wait for the rest of my JL to come in

By Charlie on November 12, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Showed up looking untouched

I purchased this expecting it to have been opened but everything was sealed just as it would be for a brand new untouched product. They work great and i'm very happy.

By Kevin on April 7, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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These components kinda disappointed me! I love JL products but these definitely let me down.... Not loud enough.... They are smooth but my dual JL Audio 12W1v3-4's drown them out!

By Matt on February 4, 2023


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