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Superlative Amp Superlative Sound!

I decided to get serious with my new car and the audio system and did a hell of a lot of research and it certainly paid off. This is the best amp I have ever had, and may I say I've been a DJ for 26 years and this JL HD600/4 amp can handle anything! Combined with JL C5650 Audio speakers and a 12" sub, the sound for me is just superlative with so much headroom and zero distortion. Thanks also to Sonic Electronix for such a great deal. Couldn't believe it until they arrived in my hands in Australia, but was so happy when it was the real deal. Highly recommended product and seller.

By Tonydj on October 29, 2010


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JL Audio HD600/4 clean powerful not affect my electrical system in my truck

Clean and very powerful amp don't let its small size fool you this thing rocks! Very good in terms of power and clarity and to top it off not adversely affecting my 2011 Toyota's stock electrical system, no dimming lights, monitor voltage and not have any issues, of note also running JL Audio HD1200/1 Pushing 4 TW5-3 13" subs in a sealed box, sounds powerful and clean with the sound stage of the JBL 660GTi speakers sound amazing!

By Tom on May 6, 2014


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this amp is one of the best amps ever made in my opinion. great sound alot of power small size. doenst get hot. stays warm. ive used in a 3 way mode with sub and sounds great also as a 4 channel for my door speakers and it gets real loud and yet clear AWESOME JL AUDIO KEEP UP THE WORK! AND SONIC IS THE BEST PLACE TO BUY CAR AUDIO!!

By Hector on February 6, 2013


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Rock solid

This is by far the best amp I had a PDX-150 and a kicker zx650 and both would shut down from overheating after 25 min but the jl keep playing without even getting hot

By JJella on November 10, 2010


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Sonic Electronix is the Best!!

I have had many purchases through SonicElectronix and every time it has been a pleasure to do business with them. They have great prices, speedy delivery and their customer service is superb. My latest purchase was the JL Audio HD600/4 amp and it is a quality item. It is powerful and the audio clean, crisp and detailed. This amp will not let you down.

By Cam.. on June 2, 2010


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the best

powerfull amp!!!!!!!! 5 years after still the best amp highly recommended!

By fidel on December 5, 2014


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Great amp!

I dont personally run this amp, but a close friend of mine does whom ive helped install/tune his system. The size of the amp is pretty small, so you have more options for amp placement. This is a powerhouse to, and sounds great. The only complaint, is that it uses a connecter for the speaker terminals instead of wiring directly to the amp (this is me personally, its a lot easier for isntall purposes and you dont run the risk of stripping out the phillips screws on most amps). Overall, great amp, just a little pricey.

By matthew on November 12, 2011


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Great sound, worth the extra cost. Recommend if you want great sound purchase.

By Rob on June 9, 2012


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Well worth it.

A little pricey but these are the real deal. I installed these (600/4 and a 750/1) with no worries.

By Terrence on May 31, 2011


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Sound is lifeless.. sorry

For an expensive 4 channel car amplifier you would think the sound would take your breath away if connected to decent hi-end quality speakers. For the JL HD600/4, I feel this is not the case at all. Like the other reviewer said I was left scratching my head trying to figure out why the sound was just mediocre - just meh. Any lesser quality A/B amp would definately outshine the JL HD because I feel it lacks fullness and instrument realism. I had tuned and played with crossover points, db levels, and equalized my head deck (80prs) for hours trying to figure out why my music wasn't producing the results I wanted. It was like everything was flat. There was no depth to live instruments or fullness- something was lacking. I eventually gave up with the JL HD series and installed and another amp.. immediately the music came to life but was still lacking some depth and realism ( had some serious kick in the low end - but the highs were a bit fabricated). I then took the chance and went with the Kenwood Excelon XR400-4 ( yes a Kenwood - I thought i would never say that) and HOLY COW.. like night and day. The Kenwood outperformed the JL HD600/4 in every aspect in terms of depth, fullness, realism, dynamic, punchy, and crisp! The Kenwood also had NO NOISE! NONE.. something the JL HD had especially at higher volumes. Save your money and put it towards an Excelon if you are looking for a quality Class D Amplifer that sounds waay better & less $$!!

By Anonymous on February 12, 2019 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Best Amp Great sound and power output

this amp is great sound ouput is amazing powers 4 JL C5 speakers with ease. doesn't get hot. no distortion.. perfect size

By THOMAS on September 17, 2015


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Best of the best

If you are a sound quality guy but still want some serious volume this is the amp for you. And also it’s a Class D that sounds as good as 95% of the class AB amps out there so it’s not that taxing on your electrical If you have any of the W7 subs and HD single channel amps this is the only amp to go with. I myself have a 13w7 AE tan off a HD1200/1 and all C2 61/2’s and 6x9’s and man does it sound great clear as a bell no noise floor whatsoever you can’t even tell there is a radio until the music comes on except you can feel the electricity in the air but it’s not a his or anything g like that, but you can tell it’s about to get loud. I wouldn’t suggest this amp if all your after is loud although it can do that but there are cheaper alternatives for that. And reliability is great with these to my HD1200/1 and HD600/4 have been playing strong for years without a si gold issue what more could you ask for and now that sonic is a certified dealer it’s a no brainer.

By Anonymous on July 21, 2018


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Well worth the money

I know the mhds are for the marine environment but I have used these on my boat for a few years now in the marine environment with no problems. They stay cool and produce crystal clear sound.

By jessica on April 28, 2017 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Expensive, but great performance.

Over all great product not sure if it's worth the price tag, but the performance is excellent and I guess that's hard to put a price on.

By Larry on November 1, 2015


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Couldn’t be Happier!!

Again, I did a lot of research on the amps to pair with my JL Audio C7’s. And these were by far the best. Very well made and with the intelligent power supply, They get nowhere near as hot. I have found is wired into my system which have yet to come on. The sound is amazing, and you hear every level of detail with no distortion. Paired with a DSP, these things are monsters!!

By Anonymous on August 4, 2018 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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