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Great Value

Great Piece!
Easy to install, secure, had no problems so far.
Very Pleased!

By Nakata on May 17, 2010


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Best There Is!

I've used many other battery distribution caps and this is by far the best quality and best made one I've ever found and used. I've never even seen a better product out there. The stock positive/negative harness post adapter is an awesome included accessory. Easily hook up your stock wiring harness with its original terminal connector without having to cut the end off just to hook it up to the distribution cap. This item is well worth the money. JL hasn't let me down yet.

By 619 on August 28, 2013


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expected better

Owning various Jl products from inline fuse holder to their subs I expected a more from this product. I am running 0/1 gauge and only received 1 short screw. With the stock tool install the cover doesn't close properly. Answering the guy who said o/1 might fit better I had trouble getting my knukoncept 0/1 gauge in there had to drill the hole a bit. They do not come close to PG terminal build quality in my opinion. I wish I would have taken them off my car before I sold it. They do look nice though, we'll see if Sonic will send my some screw or ask me to send it back. If I keep it I'm taking a grinder to the stock adapter to make the cover fit better.

By tharor on October 30, 2013


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Nice Connector!

Easy to install, secure, had no problems so far. Big hole for 0/1 no problem to fit with the Monster cable.

By Subz3ro on September 27, 2012


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Great Product!

Great product for different wiring applications.

Pros: it's flexibility
Cons: extension has no protection to go over it.

By aka Rolo on August 7, 2016


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0 guage problems

If you use this 0/2awg wire, it needs to be trimmed a little bit. The rubber grommet and plastic need to be trimmed for 0 guage if you want the jl audio plastic cover on. Its great though 3 0 awg inputs or outputs is nice. Very hard to work with 0 awg but 4 guage would look clean and fit very easy. I never tried 0/1 awg that might work better than the 0/2 awg jl wire i had.

By Jason on March 24, 2012


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Best quality by far!!

I've had many different battery terminals. JL Audio is the best.IMO

By Taino on June 7, 2020


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