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Santa Cruz, CA

Expensive good quality

May 23, 2011

I would recommend it if you have the money. way better than buying a cheap kit. all hardware is stainless, and very high quality. fuse holders are well designed. i could have used a bit more of the 8awg cable.

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Ventura, CA

Installed in 2003 F150 Harley edition.

August 15, 2012

Superior wire, highly flexible and very easy to work with.

Prior to installing this in my 2003 F150 Harley, I spent some time planning the route for the wire from the battery to the space behind the rear seats. I removed the entire interior including the carpet. This was the perfect time to install Dynamat (from the roof to the floor). The 4 gauge wire was routed near the center to keep it away from the JL speaker wire which I also installed (just do it all at the same time). If routed properly, you will never see any hint of the wire under the carpet.

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