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Great bang for the buck

Love the amp got it hooked up one alpine type r 12 amp is barley turned up 30 percent and its plenty of boom.

By Jon on May 1, 2014


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Look/Design: Very sleek. Excellent looking design. Wish there was more lighting on it like the 9104 and 9105 but still very clean.

Durability: Pushes a Rockford P3 12 that I wired for 4 ohms, and I push it hard. Longest use was BLASTING it for about an hour, switching between hard rock and rap. Never shut off, and when I got home I checked to see how hot it was... it was warm. Just warm. Remember it's wired for 4 ohms and not 2 so it will get hotter at 2 ohms.

Features: Has low pass and subsonic filters and bass boost. I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 only because there is no bass remote option (knob you can run from the amp to the front of car to adjust bass)

Ease of use: Easy to adjust, easy to splice RCA's into the connector, easy to hook up cables.... the same as any other good amp.

Value: Try to find an amp that gives you 1000 rms at 2 ohms and 500 rms at 4 ohms that is CEA 2006 certified for around this price.

Overall: I purchased this amp because I saw it pumped out 500 rms at 4 ohms and was cea 2006 compliant. Honestly I was skeptical at first. I even made sure I could return it for free if it didn't deliver as promise. After breaking in my sub, I set the input signal(gain) to 3/4 and have the bass boost at about 1/4 and it slams my P3. Chest pounding, great quality bass! My Music preference is hard rock and rap and they both sound great.

Conclusion: It is a good amp that delivers as promised for a good price.

My experience with car audio: A.A. in Electronics and have been doing my own car audio as a hobby for 10 years. ( plan on checking true rms when my o-scope at work gets back from calibration= will update)

By Ryan on January 24, 2015


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Best Bang for buck honestly

Had the previous KAC 9105d and it slammed my 2 cvr 124 subs. Not to mention reliability. these stay cool, quite and look nice. And has a true output of 1000w rms at minimum. Would be great to have one of these power a L7 kicker 15"

By Devin A on November 11, 2014


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Just got this baby hooked up to a RE audio sex12 and it slams in my vdub. It has yet to overheat on me or get too hot even in the summer heat. I guess the only downside is there is no remote. Great price and easy install

By klutch4 on June 25, 2014


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Outstanding,clean,powerful bass!!Doesn't get too hot a real value for 170 bucks.

By Mike on June 14, 2014


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Great Product

I had this product and much more professionally put into my car and it sounds great. This price is also a great deal. I will always shop here for my car system. THANKX!

By Dan on June 24, 2014


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fine product worked great

easy to install, worked great, arrived in very good time. thanks

By Susie on February 9, 2015


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great amp

I had this amp hooked up in a stealth enclosure in the left side t top area of a 02 formula. Its hooked up to a sundown audio E10D4 sub. I had to slightly clearance the box for the sub. Hits hard and sounds good . The rest of the speakers in the car are the factory monsoon with a alpine headunit. Im very happy with the performance of this amp. I took a road trip that's about 3 hours one way and no problems their and back.

By Brandon on March 21, 2015


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Sounds so good

I have this amp hooked up to a Nvx vcw 152 pushing about 1200 rms and it pounds my sub! The power holds true and doesn't get hot! Has a sleek design and all around cool looking!! I would reccomend this for anyone!!

By daniel on March 29, 2015


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Good buy

Work on the twiking and this player collaborates well with a good amp, speakers, and subs.

By J on March 30, 2015


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By MIKE on December 30, 2014


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if you need a good sub amp, this is it. Sooo much power and quality for the price! Im pushing 2 Kenwood subs (250watts RMS @ 4ohms each) and it has plenty of power!
Only bummer is that you can't get a bass knob- but oh well

By Nick on June 29, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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great value

This product is just as it says. I love the product and it sounds amazing in my truck.

By Breezy on July 6, 2015


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Amazing Price & Value.

Setup running over sized 4 gauge wire with second battery in the trunk. I have 2 vehicles running the same setup with no problems using 80 amp inline fuses, pushing 2 alpine type R's 10" subs running at 2 ohms. Makes the body move/warp & the windows almost blow out. amps are only turned up to half, best investment ever! Customer service went above & beyond to make my experience an easy process. I will purchase from this site for all future needs. A must if you want loud bass!! :D

By Phillippeh on August 11, 2015


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Awesome amp

Great product! Installation was easy. Nice looking product. I would recommend

By Greg on December 12, 2015


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Exactly What I needed

My old amp had went out so i needed something new. This amp powers my Rockford Fosgate P1 15's beautifully. Running at at 1000w rms @ 2ohms, no problems so far.

By Trevor the Audio Guy on September 11, 2015


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Good upgrade

I had an amp with a bad RCA connection. Replaced it with the same brand and more power and it sounds amazing. Very pleased with the purchase.

By cole.kenwood on January 15, 2020


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Awesome product

All the settings I needed, tons of power, love this amplifier.

By Anonymous on August 9, 2018


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love it

i have had it for about 7 months and love it lots of power

By Sal on January 13, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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This Amp Gets The Job Done!

My ratings pretty much some up my review and I only gave this 4 stars out of 5 for durability because I have only been running this amp for a month. The power you get for the price is hard to beat and it is a Kenwood not some swap meet brand amp. I have it powering a single NVX VCW124 @ 2ohms and it does a good job. Between this amp and another 300 watt amp powering my highs/mids I do suffer some voltage loss on my battery and dimming headlights when I turn the volume up high. I am happy with my purchase and I would recommend this amp to others.

By J on January 21, 2016


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Great price with excellent quality

I have 2 of these amps on 2 alpine swr-12D4 subs. Unbelievable clean power and matched perfect to the subs i have. I would recommend this kenwood kac-9106D amps to anyone that is looking for a great quality amp at an affordable price.

By Corey on April 5, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great value

This service is a wonderful way to get things you want at a low price, and delivered right to your door.

By Slab on January 16, 2016


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Great amp.

Used to power an alpine type R. Put out great power. Smooth performance. Stays cool.

By Andrew on September 7, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Puts out the power

I bought this kenwood amp to power a massive audio torox 12D4 thats rated at 1000rms and this amp is a perfect match putting out 1000rms at 2ohms, pumps this sub well and sounds amazing.

By Anonymous on May 29, 2019


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By Fermin on February 3, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Tough as nails

I have a single 2ohm DVC kicker l7 s12 wired at 1ohm. this is a 2ohm amplifier and it beats this sub at 1 ohm as long as I want it to without going to protect. I'm impressed

By King357 on April 25, 2021


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Kenwood KAC-9106D

I'm very happy with it... Great value,, This amp really rock mine two 12" Infinity kappas sub...Thank you

By Anonymous on August 23, 2018


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very very very good

i just love it, i have it just barely cranked and it shakes my rear view mirror like crazy

By Rodrigo on March 2, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Not a fan

Ran this at 2OHMs. Constantly overheated. I switched up to 4 same issue. Amp lasted about 6mos until it was permanently stuck in "protect" mode. Definitely won't be buying a Kenwood amp again.

By Carlos on January 29, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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This amp is a beast.

I have this amp hooked up to 1 ten inch dual cone and bass can be heard from a block away. The amp is only turned up halfway. Best bass for the buck with this amp.

By DAVID on October 9, 2016


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Excellent Item!

Very good amp! Good co. and product! Strongly recommend! Thank you very much!

By None on July 30, 2016


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