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Decent speaker for the price lacks durability but has quality sound

By E on September 4, 2013


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thumbs up

These are some of the best coaxials out there for 75 bucks. The highs are a tad tingy but thats not nessasarilly bad, just depends on personal preference, overall great speaker and a greater value.

By joey on November 1, 2011


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Awsome Sound

I bought one pair of Kicker KS60 for my 1973 Nova. They sound awesome for Rock and Roll music. They really thump the bass on classic rock/Heavy Metal. I would recommend these speakers to all my friends. They have Awesome Sound.

By Nova Boy on August 20, 2013


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First I'd like to say Sonic is my favorite source for car audio and knowledge. However, according to them this speaker will not fit my 1998 Dodge Durango. I just put these into my Dodge this weekend without any modifications. Just thought they should know.

By Brian on June 29, 2013


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Kicker 11KS60

I thought it would be a better product overall, to me it seems to neglect audio quality. When pushed to louder volumes it does lack performance as well.

By Lb on November 10, 2011


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Good Product for replacing or upgrading speakers

I purchased the KS series to replace my Gfs DS 6x9 in her rear deck. There's just something that about round speakers that i like more than having the oval shape. anyways they sound crisp and clear for being kicker.

By Cisco on February 28, 2013


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Great Speakers

Over all these speakers are great they look nice and sound great. The speakers have good bass to them and voice. They make my car mirrors shake. The best thing is that I got a discount on them so that's a plus.

By Daniel on March 16, 2015


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Excellent low profile speakers

This is a great speaker, very clear, and good bass response for its size. It solved an problem for me in my classic car, as the kick panel speakers I had were impeding me using the clutch pedal. After I replaced them with the Kicker, I was pleasantly surprised at the great sound even with the much lower profile. They were a snap to install.

By Mike on September 21, 2013


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Quality Speakers

Truly great speakers. Have have them on a 600 watt amp. They can't take all the power that the amp has to give but they still keep up with my 800 watt sub. The mounting brackets are plastic unless you take off that part of it off, but then there aren't any holes, just U shapes for mounting.

Additional details:
Surprising amount of bass
Very clear sound even at high volumes

I would recommend this product.

By Alex on April 19, 2011


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I got three pairs of these to go into the tower speakers box on my boat. They are great for playing loud treble and that's what I wanted them for. No complaints there loud.

By Jacob on June 28, 2016

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