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They are called Kicker's for a reason.

I bought these due to my previous sub blowing out (because they got old). At first I felt disappointed with these subs,my previous sub were "smooth" "rounded". When I got these they were very sharp on the frequency they hit hardest on (like literally an upside-down V shape response), wasn't expecting that, you might say it was "kicking" at the frequency. But after tinkering with my head unit and amp settings, They were really good! They are as tight as can be (previous sub was a little loose).

I am very happy with what I got. These subs will also last you a lifetime, I know i'm exaggerating haha but seriously for the price, these are the best built subs on the market! So to those who buy these or plan to:

1. You will probably not like the sound right away
2. You gotta tweak your settings if you want it to sound "smooth"
3. Your getting a sub that will last you a long time
4. These are indeed loud, very

For those of you wondering about bass, its not a problem, it will shake your car with a 1000W amp with no issue, also gives great back massages. It hits low very nicely however, its really tight, with my previous subs, I had an air flow-like feel when the subs hit super low and these don't seem to do that, maybe i'm missing something lol thought I would give you a heads up.

My previous subs were two: Audiobahn AW1200J

By Dennis on August 21, 2016


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Good deal

I like this sub it hits hard and the box is not that big

By Koa on October 14, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Nice subs!

Bought these for my sons first system. Take a little bit to break in, but hit pretty hard and are a great value...

By H2 on April 5, 2017


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Mannn these things pound !! Alot of bass for the price definetly recommend these subs . I have 2 of these in a sealed enclosure powered by a hifonics brutus brx 1000.1 stock head unit and stock battery . Will be upgrading to a custom box and better voltage in the future but for now i am more then happy with these baby

By Joseph on April 21, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Kicker Doesn't Disappoint!!

I've loved the Comp VRs for about 15 years. They have great low-end bass and they are very affordable. I've bought more expensive subs looking for something better though the years and I always come back for the Kicker Comp VR.

By Adam on September 11, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Booming KIcker

I have a pair of these 12 subs from 2016 to 2020 (present) now and they sound just as good as when I first got these subs (enclosed in a 1.25 cu sealed box). From day 1, well maybe day 5 because of the break-in period, the BASS that comes out of these subs are still BOOMING using my 300.1 kicker amp. I would rather use a much larger amp, but my red-black wires/fuse limits me from upgrading. So I can only imagine how much better these subs would BOOM with a bigger amp.

By J M on March 30, 2020


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