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It's a "Kicker" alright!

Very pleased with the CVT652 sub product. I have a single sub in the center console of my Jeep Wrangler, and this is 100% improvement over the factory sub. Installation did require some modification to the factory mounting box, but nothing a dremel and cutting bit can't make short order of.

The CVT65 is extreemly well built and so far has not been affected by the elements / being in a Wrangler. I'm running this sub with factory head unit and amp. Can't wait for that to smoke so I can upgrade stereo and amp to take full advantage of this things 300w power capacity. Don't get me wrong, it does sound great with the factory stereo, but more power would really make it thump. Very pleased and have recommended this simple upgrade to several of my fellow Wrangler owners.

By Big T on July 23, 2009


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Good Little sub

I got this as a replacement for my blown Jeep Wrangler Sub. Works great with the stock amplifier. Had to mod the sub housing a little bit to make it fit though.

By JeepnBrian on August 19, 2009


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great product

I own this product and this product is one of the best car kicker speakers out there. I will recommend to any one that want subwoofers speakers on there vehicle.

By felix on June 1, 2009


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Kicker CompVT

Sounds good! Only speaker out there I could find to fit under my wife's Chevy Colorado given the limited space available.

By Scott on June 23, 2009


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Perfect replacement for the Jeep Center Console Sub

This sub was used as a replacement. I bought it for two reasons... one it was shallow in depth, and the location I was putting it was tight. Two, it was 2ohm. My stock sub in my 2002 Jeep wrangler was 1 ohm, and I couldn't find a suitable substitute until this sub. Granted at two ohms the power out of the amp is now 38 watts instead of 75, but it still sounds great. Way better than stock. Plus, it's a kicker. Nuf said. This thing is awesome, and I would definitely by again. If you own a jeep with a center console factory 6 inch sub, this is the replacement you've been looking for. There is a slight modification you have to do to the sub enclosure, but it's not hard. Visit a few jeep forums, and you can quickly find that information. Thanks Sonic Electronix, I'll be back for more!

By Jay-dub on March 28, 2009


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Great Value!

This Kicker Comp VT is the best ever!

By Rock on March 3, 2009


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