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little mike

everetr wa

great value

September 2, 2014

Ita a good battery if you wanna add one to your system the only thing is the picture makes it look bigger than it really is other than that great product

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Tuckerton, NJ

Verified Purchase
Better than any cap

July 1, 2015

Compact, powerful and value packed. Lights and dash were dimming. This fixed the dimming. I did not run an isolator yet. Have it running for 3 months and no issues. Bass is significantly louder and cleaner. Going to get another to be safe.

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Cleburne, TX

Verified Purchase
I won't build another system without an extra battery from now on!

December 22, 2016

Super impressed with this little battery. Installed it in an '07 Civic to buffer a dual amp setup. Those Civics have epically small batteries under the hood and I was worried about taxing the electrical system. After completing the install with 2 amps, a 1 fared cap with digital voltage read-out I'm sold. The sub amp plays far louder than I expected and I feel like this battery has a lot to do with it. During extended bass hits at high volume, voltage doesn't drop any lower 12.8v and during normal listening it stays above 13.6v. I'm getting ready to do another install in January and have already incorporated a battery into the build layout.

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