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Best OEM substitute for MBZ

I just bought these for my MBZ C230. One of the door speakers was shot and it really made my stereo sound crappy. Tried shopping around for some coaxs. Tried a few from Pioneer and Kenwood and they didn't work. The door speakers have a passive cross-over so the coaxs sounded really 'shelly'. Went back to the drawing board when I stumbled across these. Took me about 30 mins to install with a little help from my dremel and my soldering gun but I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome. The tweeters sparkle and the 6's hit nice and solid. Perfect compliment to the stock woofers in the rear doors.

By F00DY on March 23, 2012


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Great speakers, with quality sound. For the price of the MB Quart speakers and the rich sound in which they produce, they have always been a great buy. I select components for my systems that work great together and the MB Quart speakers are always selected to carry the inside staging for me.

By Customizer on July 31, 2012


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Pretty Good

These speakers have a great sound. The tweeters a little bit bright but you can change that with cross overs. The cross overs suck. I personally separated 2 channels for tweeters and two channels for the mid woofer. That way i can fine tune my system with out buying other cross overs. Plus i honestly think that your amp will have the best cross overs anyways unless your dealing with some expensive speakers like JL, Rockford, or Focal.
The tweeters also blew when i was playing really loud.
If i were you, Id spend a little extra to get the onyx series.

By Derek on April 16, 2013


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You get what you pay for

I have these installed in the doors of my 2000 cavalier Z24 winter beater.

Custom work was required to install due to woofer depth, and I installed the tweeters in pods at top of doors (after several days of listening, I ended up installing off-axis, facing opposing side of car, which sounded best and gave a balanced image with minimal time alignment required from my headunit). Doors are vibration damped with dynamat, and speakers are driven with 120 rms per channel. Head unit is a Kenwood X995. I listen to all types of music, including top 40, folk and rock.

Installed these as a first attempt when looking for an inexpensive improvement over the coax units in the car from the previous owner. At low to moderate volumes, the tweeters are overly efficient and are unbalanced to the woofers (I attribute some of this to my elevated mounting position) and induced listening fatigue fairly quickly. At elevated volume levels, the tweeters get downright harsh and nasty. Midbass is as expected from a 6.5" driver, and only gets uncontrolled at high power levels. I am running them with a 12 db/oct HPF at 60 hz. The tweeters were so tiring that I ended up installing L-pads to drop their output by 8db, which has made the speakers sound more balanced and cleaner. The tweeters still get harsh sounding when driven hard, and I will be swapping these out when I get a chance.

Previously I had used MBQuarts in a few installs back in the mid 90's which is why I started with these, but those older units were much better (and more expensive) speakers. My next trial will be with the PVL 216's, which I recently ordered from Sonic too. In the end, I guess you get what you pay for. Luckily, I love tinkering around with audio systems, and I look forward to finding that elusive combination of affordable quality sound.

By swest on January 11, 2012


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great balance of mids and highs

I run these speakers off of an Alpine KTP-455 and it is a great match. I can CRANK these babies and there is never a hint of pushing them to the limits. The highs soar and the mids are tight and punchy. Awesome speakers for a small amp. If you want a great pair of reasonably priced components, look no further. I will not buy car audio from anyone else but Sonic.

By Awwjard on February 10, 2013


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Good for the money...I want to buy another set for my boat!

By Jace on April 26, 2013


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Top quality

Bass hits nice and deep, while highs are crystal clear

By Joe on April 10, 2012


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Good value for money

I ran this off a 300W amp.
*cost effectiveness
It was the cheapest of the "low wattage" speakers and yet had an impressive range on paper. The only negative point (on paper) was the low sensitivity (84dB?).
When put to practice in the real world, these performed decently and I had no complaints whatsoever.

*installation notes
The 2 1/2" bottom mount depth was also a consideration, as I was not confident the larger 6.5" components would clear the doors.

The spade connectors came with plastic jackets so you don't have to add tape / heatshrink to the connections.

The red and black wires to the crossover seemed skinny... too skinny. Almost like 24awg. Not confidence inspiring at all. It may be irrational but we always feel good with chunky wires.

The tweeters came with different mounting options (flush / pod). MB Quarts are reputed to sound overbright but these sounded just right.

Overall, a good buy on a budget.

By lkoh on November 16, 2011


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Excellent value and performance

MB Quart is known for their highs being too bright. This is not the case with these units. The midbass has punchiness and the vocals are smooth. The highs are seamless and clear without being raspy or overpowering. Pick the right amp for your subs and these should compliment your system nicely.

By Roberto on May 30, 2012


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MB Quartz

Highly recommended. Great speakers for the money. Great size for shallow install. Good highs, mids not much on lows. Maybe it was my headunit, but I had a sub anyway.

By Ben on April 25, 2012


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never bought mb before, quality product super crispy

I've never bought any MB quart stuff before but I've been doing stereo stuff for a long time as a hobby and a job, these sound great, big tweets but still fit in some small spots, and the crossover is very slim and easy to hide

By brandon on June 6, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Perfect for DIY upgrade from Stock

I'll start off by saying I'm not a professional by any means, just amateur who likes quality audio in my vehicle. I replaced the factory door speakers in my 2001 Honda Civic Sedan. I'm not running them off an amp, just off a aftermarket head unit. Even still the sound quality is noticeably improved. Separating the tweeter from the woofer and placing it higher is the most noticable improvement. I seen others comment on the tweeters having bad sound but I have no personal complaints. I will update the review when I do install the amp.

By Christopher on March 12, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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