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Most affordable hardest hitting subs

I have a chevy cavalier and i can fit two of these rather large boxes in the trunk of my car back to back and they hit very hard i am very impressed and the sound is even better when i set the seats down just loud clean bass. I like to watch my rear view mirror just drop all the way down on just half volume. Its a very good price for brand new dual 12" i would recommend anyone who just wants really good bang for your buck. A++ rating

By Miles on November 6, 2014


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Great Price on MTX Subs

Bought two MTX 12" subs with enclosure for my son's car and the price could not be beat, shipping was very fast and they sounds great! Very happy with the product and service.

By Brian on January 15, 2014


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Excellent Subs

These really are Terminators. Smooth, Deep, even Crisp Bass. Put these in your trunk, hatchback, or SUV with the correct Amp and Head Unit, and it's pure audio Bliss. If you are serious about sound; buy these, and Enjoy! Plus, they are totally worth the price...

By AJ on January 5, 2015


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Great subs!

I got these about a month ago and since then, I've enjoyed these subs a lot. Great quality craftsmanship, loud, precise sound, everything I could ask for in a low-end sub/box set. I have no real complaints about the product. For the $120 as of writing, I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants a good starter sub set.

By Kyle on January 7, 2014


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These Subs boom

I have these subs hook up to a thunder 500 in my car and they hit hard well worth the price

By bleeding ears on March 27, 2015


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love it

idk if set up was good but i love the sound

By Modern on April 21, 2015 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great Value

Man I've had the MTX Terminators for a month now loud as hell man if you are in the market for some sounds Check these out

By James on March 27, 2015


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Good speakers and good quality. They kicked off atleast twice after a month but maybe because of my amp quality. But over all they are great/good speakers to have. They knock pretty hard in my Nissan Altima. The bis couldve been a bit bigger for better quality.

By CJ on June 14, 2015 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Awesome subwoofers!

I highly recommend the TNE212D MTX subwoofers w/ Terminator box! I had these subs for 6 years and recently blew them. Might I add I always had them maxed out, they took a beating and lasted for longer than I expected. I recently purchased a brand new TNE212D setup and couldn't be happier! Great sound, great value, sleek design!

I also, recommend the MTX Thunder 500.1 amplifier paired w/ the TNE212D.

Thanks Sonic Electronix & MTX

By Ashton on August 15, 2017


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MTX Audio TNE212D Terminator Dual Subwoofer Package

It good sub and I recommend it to someone who wants a sub.

By No on April 25, 2020


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Un" beat" able

You won't find another sub combo that comes even close for the $.
Just be sure to keep these powered between 250- 500 RMS max to each woofer.
MTX's are louder and bass as deep as JL's CPV 2 x 12 Basswedge.

2002 Cadillac STS;
2 x 12" Skar IX series @ 1 ohm
2 x 15" Cerwin Vega Stroker Pro @2 ohm
2 x 12" Kenwood KFCW12DVC ported @ 1 ohm
2 x 12" MTX TNE12 @ 2 ohm

Pioneer GM8601 monoblock
Skar RP2000.1D monoblock
Kenwood X501.1 monoblock
Cerwin Vega B52 Stealth

By Anonymous on January 18, 2019


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use speakers for djing

CLEAR crisp sound, one of the best speakers I have ever have. Mtx and pioneer I have in my house when it come to subwoofers.

By mr e-male the dj on February 25, 2017


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Good buy

Good buy. Fast shipping too. I will definitely be telling everyone about this site

By Salsage on January 25, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Bang for your buck

Bought this for my 17 year old daughter for her birthday, and I was highly surprised at the amount of bass this system puts out. All total with installation ended up costing about 500 dollars. Would definitely recommend this system for those on a budget.

By Jeff on October 18, 2017


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MTX Terminator

Quick review - box is small and very light. Good for a tight space but does slide around a lot compared to my last box which never moved. Subs hit nice for the price. Amp that's pushing these is a Kenwood KAC-5001ps. 500 x 1 @ 2ohms.

By Jay on July 15, 2016


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Truly Worth The $Money$

I definitely would recommend this Subs and Box, the sound in my Mazda 5 Sports Wagon sounds super great.. I purchased my Sub package last April and I must say it was a good investment.. After all these months I only had the Amp overheat once and shut off.. but for the most part I would have the system bangin for 4 + more hrs and they kept going strong.. PS and shipping was fast

By LeRoy Glowinz on January 9, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great and fast service

I would definitely recommend this site to any of my friends,I got my order 3 days before the due date...Very 😀 with service no problem with anything at all!

By jermaine on April 16, 2016


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Pretty good for the price

The mtx terminator is loud. Haha like heard from a block away loud. I put it in my Ford Fusion and the whole car shakes. Everyone loves it. Definitely worth the price, would buy if your looking for a good price on good speakers.

By Drizzy on November 10, 2016


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So far so good sounds excellent but we only had them 1 week. Still breaking them in.

By Corliss on January 14, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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use speakers for djing

The best, I love this product , clean crisp bass.

By mr e-male the dj on March 13, 2017


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Ported these subs and DAMN, these things POUND!!!

I put these two subs in a pro ported box, and they f****** thumped hard. I was blown away at the quality of the sound. I had the mtx thunder 500 amp, and the pro ported box swap was the huge WOW factor. I was amazed !

By todd on March 25, 2023


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Amazing Budget System

This is a great system for those that are just wanting to add a some “oomph” to their car. For what I paid, these sound amazing in my wife’s Camry.

By Jehall on July 25, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great Buy

I installed this box in the trunk of a Crown Vic and it sounds awesome. Very satisfied with the speakers and price paid. I would buy this product again if I had a need. Only improvement would be install speaker grill for protection.

By Scott on September 3, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Nice sub for the price.

I had a JBL GT-BassPro12 powered sub in the trunk of my 2015 Dodge Charger and I hated it. It was just too muddy and didn't have the punch I wanted. I ordered the MTX Terminator 212 Dual Sub and I paired it with an MTX RT250 mono block amp. It sounds awesome now and I like the fact that I don't need a remote wire to turn on the amp, it turns on automatically when it senses an audio signal (the JBL was the same way). I like the remote bass control also. It won't rock the neighbor's but it will shake the rear view mirror and sounds mighty good. I've had a pair of 10 inch MTX subs in my Dodge truck for over 10 years and they still sound great. I love MTX!

By Big Rod on June 29, 2016


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Love it

Great buy and great sound! Perfect for the price and the quality is good.

By Michaela on June 15, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Satisfied again

Connected in my Range Rover use different the beat is tye bomb sounds great I recommend this product

By Sharlene on April 6, 2018


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Great Subs

I had the MTX 12in subs for 2yrs until they were until someone decided they need them more than I. Great sounding hard hitting bass. Had a Boss 1500 watt amp. they sound just as good or better than the top brands for half the price.

By Samuel on January 12, 2017


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I purchased this for my son's birthday. He loves it

By caddy on January 1, 2017


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Best budget bass package from Sonicelectronics and price!

I can’t believe the amount of bass for this price and how small the enclosure is and the subs and box enclosure looks great, I would buy again!

By William on January 7, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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