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Works but ...

March 2, 2015

At low volume it sounds as if the subs turned off. Sq is fine but a horrible turn off pop on the subs. Gains have to be turned way past where any amp I had were. You also have to have the bass boost turned up just to get any low end out of the subs at low volume.
Controls on the ends are fine and work as intended.
Comes with the bass knob for the front . Maybe I got a bad one.. Expected more than what I have out of this company. Feels nice and heavy solid construction .

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Nothing short of Epic

June 30, 2015

I admit that i was a bit hesitant to pick this guy up. I could get the same power from cheaper amplifiers, but MTX has been around for years and their products have always been in the SPL scene, so I went with my gut on this on. NO REGRETS!! Right out of the box, the amplifier is clearly build right, hefty, and with high quality components. Beyond that, the aesthetics are nothing special, But I think that speaks volumes! Why waste money on putting a skull with pretty lights on the chassis, and not put that towards developing a proper amplifier. Thats what we got here.

I used proper 0 Gauge OFC wiring to make sure the amp gets the power it needs, hooked up to an XS Power battery, and an AudioControl Epicenter. For having a cheesy name like "Thunder" , you really do get that.

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