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another good product

metra makes pretty good stuff i own a couple of metra products and used this product for my lexus works just fine no problems, i mean it should work just a bunch of wires ;-) lol

By Richard on June 15, 2009


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Good product

I bought this harness adapter for my Lexus. Overall quality is good, but the one issue I found was that there is no +12v memory lead to connect to the new head unit. I had to cut into the factory harness for that. Somewhat defeats the purpose of this adapter, but all other aspects of it were fine.

By Mad Scotsman on September 24, 2010


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Was very easy to install. Would have liked it to of had the But Connectors with the kit but I had some of my own.

By Gerry on September 29, 2014


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Worked good

Fit perfect and was labeled well, made for an easy instal.

By Joshua on November 21, 2013


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Worked great with ground loop isolator.

The Lexus SC300 comes with factory amplifier which has engine noise with an aftermarket head unit but the harness worked and matched my car perfectly.

By Chris on March 25, 2012


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get it

if you don't wanna go through cutting up and figuring out the wiring for a Lexus this is what you need simple install with no problem at all

By K17 on March 22, 2010


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Worked Great

The adapter allowed me to replace the Lexus radio with an after market unit and keep the factory amplifier. It sounds great and I did not have to cut or splice any wires. The install was supper easy to complete!

By Irene on January 27, 2011


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Mostly Good But

This wiring harness fit well with no problems as I would expect from Metra. One problem is that it is missing the dimmer (orange) wire. I had to rig that up myself.

By Alan on September 18, 2013


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Great wiring harness!

Worked perfectly in my 1997 Avalon with my factory Amp. Would highly recommend it.

By Mike on December 9, 2013


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Good for 2000 Toyota Camry XLE

It worked for my "premium" JBL stereo system in my Camry XLE.

By Felix on January 13, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Good unit

After the correct harness kit arrived, installation is a breeze. The unit works like I want. Really like the USB port dubbed as USB charger. The remote control is very useful changing the volume without leaving your eyes off the road. The only negative is the light of this unit is red, a bright red like something is burning hot. Wish Sony has the option to change it to soft blue, green or yellow.

By DYI on April 3, 2017


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Buy it, but read what I have to say!!

This kit is good, but it's only good for main wires: power+, battery, power antenna, remote turn on, dimmer. The speaker wires will not work! Rca cables won't either, you will need to run your 8 speaker wires from your media player or a cd player to your trunk and splice into your factory amplifier speaker output wires in order for all your speakers to work including door speakers and rear deck in your sc300/400.
I rate this kit 4 stars because I didn't have to cut the dash wiring!
But did buy 50ft roll of wires and it's sounds awesome with my JL Audio10" subwoofer and alpine that I got from sonic too!!! But did figure out which wires to bridge!! For any questions garen317@aol or goto :) this is my second wiring kit

By Garen on January 28, 2016


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Excellent harness

This harness made installing my aftermarket radio very easy and efficient.

By Paul on May 2, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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