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San Pablo, CA

Metra 6x9 Speaker Adapters for Chevy Trucks

June 2, 2014

I took a shot at purchasing the Metra 6x9 Speaker Adapters (82-3005) for my 2010 Chevy Camaro even though the adapters are specifically for newer model Chevy/GMC trucks (according to the item description and Metra Tech Support). I needed to fit a set of Focal K2 Power 6.5" Component Speakers on the rear deck of my Camaro and when I saw that the Metra Speaker adapters had the same mounting tabs I went ahead and bought it from Sonic. I had already fabricated a 6x9 mount previously when I changed out the Boston Acoustic speakers for a pair of JL Audio 6x9's so when I tried the Metra 82-3005, it was almost a perfect fit. I had to make a few minor modifications but not on the adapters themselves, although the adapters are a bit too high. I would still recommend these Metra Speaker Adapters for fellow Late Gen Camaro owners who need to fit component speakers on the rear deck lid of their Camaro's, but only if they are capable of doing it themselves.
Because I don't think installers would do it, and if they do, they would charge a lot and probably do it wrong.

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Liberty, MO

Great Adapter

January 19, 2015

I used these to convert 6x9 speaker adapters in a 2014 Silverado. They worked great. NOTE: If you are replacing front and rear door speakers in a 2014 Silverado, save yourself a bunch of heartache and purchase 4 of these. The factory adapters are part of the factory speaker and have to be destroyed to get the speakers out.

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Los Angeles

Metra 82-3005

May 24, 2018

Simple straight forward install on my 2014 Silverado Lt no modifications were needed

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