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It works

If you want to put a double din unit into your 2004-2006 maxima, there really are not any other options for dash kits. Not much to say, this one works but I did run into a couple of issues. Color is a little darker than my SE dash (which I was told has metallic flakes in the paint which give it that shiny/reflective look) so the match is not perfect. I actually ended up re-spraying the metra to make it match better.

As far as fitment, the clip system is just.. adequate. This is the third one that I've installed in an 04-06 max, and I've noticed that with each install, some parts of it (usually a corner) pop out slightly over time leaving a small gap between the kit and the dash. Trying to press it back in does nothing, as it seems like the unit just doesn't want to click into place anymore. I normally wouldn't mind it much, but what happens now is that when I want to eject a CD, my double din flip down unit gets stuck when trying to close itself, and I have to press on the dash kit to make it flush with the dash before my head unit door can close. I'm going to take it apart and see if I can modify the mounting clips to make them hold or 'bite' better.

Also noticed that the storage compartment door was getting stuck when trying to open, and would have to be pressed from the top before opening. Was able to fix this by filing down a small portion of the kit, the door now opens freely.

Again, we really don't have many other options, so it's more or less Metra or nothing. Apart from those quirks, not much left to say. The unit does work but mine required a little modification.

By Maxima Driver on December 27, 2012


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False Advertisment

First off the service was really good. The product on the other hand was not. The product is stated on the package "painted silver to match interior trim" not even close. I called Metra and they said maybe it was never paint so call the vendor and ask them to send you another one. I did. Sonic with no hassle sent me another no strings attached. I received the same item and again the same color. This product is NOT at all what it says it is. I don't recommend anyone purchase a "painted to match" trim kit from Metra or I'm just really that lucky to have received 2 unprinted trim pieces.

By Daniel on January 15, 2014


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Just as described match perfect to my dash color match perfect and fit was perfect

By Gerardo on May 4, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good Product!!!

This product is what I expected...fits perfect for nissan maxima

By krazy on March 25, 2016


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not the best

didnt match the exact color and i had to sand it down in order to fit. For the price i can't really complain i suppose.

By Jordan on December 2, 2013


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