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Could be better.

Received this very quickly after ordering it. Sonic rocks!! The fit and finish is very good. At this price point I would have figured Metra would have made the button led's more like the Ford Focus dash colors blueish instead of orange. Or made a way to change them. I took it apart and painted most of them black. The ones I painted served no purpose except to change the time and date in my circumstance. Now they aren't annoying at night. Left the hazard and door lock buttons alone. I would still buy this to install a double-din radio even with this.

By Greg on April 7, 2014


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2012 Ford Focus SE

Fits great, easy install. Buy Axxess XSVI-5524-NAV to wire in your after market stereo.

By Joshua on June 30, 2014


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Excellent Product!!

The Metra 99-5827B was a perfect fit for my 2012 Ford Focus. It looks better than stock, as I wasn't too crazy about the stock overabundance of silver trim. The directions and the quality of the fit and finish exceeded expectations. I did apply a shim and some Goop to certain mating surfaces to guard against tolerance slippage over time. My ultimate goal is to take out the clock and use the plastic faceplate to hold some USB ports and a remote control for a sub amp... the factory clock and date functions are useless to me as my head unit does all that.

By L-pad on December 15, 2014


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Works as advertise

Great product! Its a must for anyone looking to do an audio project in a 2012 Ford Focus.

By Justin on September 26, 2012


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Great Product!

Easy installation. Great looking product! Great customer service. Recommend buying this product.

By Michael on January 14, 2015


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Fits like a glove

Not OJ's glove. The stock vents don't fit this so if you don't want black, buy the vent kit. Black looks. Fine. Some buttons no longer work. Don't know why. Steering wheel controls work fine with the axxes kit.

By Yosiff on January 20, 2014


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Perfect fit

Product fit perfectly in my car! Fast delivery and arrived early.

By Cobycat49 on November 4, 2016


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Its ok 2.6 stars (1-5)

Did Not come with brackets needed to install stereo or lcd screen had to fabricate holder. That could've been with packing not the product itself.
Cons with product value
-Air vents didn't fit flush
-(again) parts not all included/no diagram for replacement board parts
-the buttons were not inladed so the cheap rubber is weak and sticking out of the dash assembly 1/4 inch they are about to rip.
Cons with product. look and design
- L.E.D. lights could not of been more off with the fords blue interior lights and white L.E.D. dome lights

Overall If this product wasn't one out of the only two that fit this vehicle and it just so happens this one is the better of the two horrible products I would Not have purchased it. The only pro is the stock stereo is gone.

By brody on December 30, 2015 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Metra 99-5827B

Face plate and install hardware fit well, instruction are clear. Wish it had a USB attachment option for radios the have USB input option. Other than that everything fit and snapped together well.

By Dreamaker on October 22, 2015


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