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Awesome roller!

I'm really happy that I bought this roller. I also have two other (smooth) rollers, but this one works much better. Its little "fingers" press the NVX sound mat really well and it allows it to be spread evenly over the entire surface including all these different curves and corners. The roller is very sturdy too. After 30 sq. ft. the roller started squeaking a little, but it still keeps working perfectly! I'm sure that the roller will help me to put all 60 sq ft of the sound mat and still will be fine. Great roller!! This item is highly recommended and even "a-tool-you-must-have!" for anyone who works with sound isolation of vehicles!

By L. the Morning Star on October 1, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Way better than version 1.

I am an installer and could not disagree more with the other review. I actually had version 1 and got it the first time I ordered a bulk pack with Sonic years ago. This version is a big improvement due to the teeth and the handle. The teeth make it way easier to get a great stick to the vehicle body. The older one was wooden handle and this one is plastic, but the plastic is rugged and it is singular piece so it is really sturdy. The older one that connected the handle to the roller part broke at the joint and this one reminds me of a sturdy broom I have from Home Depot. Worth every penny paid or free!

By Henry on April 26, 2022


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All plastic

This tool should be free with purchase. All plastic. It does feel strong and it does work but not worth the money.

By Donnie on June 8, 2021 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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By Scott on September 26, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Perfect for tight spots

I used this to install true 50 mil sound deadening in the doors and along the floor of my f150. I installed it with this and the more traditional roller. This is perfect for inside the doors where bracing and cutouts don’t allow you to get great pressure on the material, the textured nubs give you much more focused pressure and allow you to get to stick and leave a small bit for air to escape when using a heat gun and following back up with the smooth rubber roller.

It also takes down kind of like a disposable razor giving you better access in some cases.

I used a cheap sound deadener from an online retailers house brand, the butyl rubber was not very tack and this got it to stay no problems I forgot to follow with the heat gun inside the door skins and this still kept everything secure.

By Frank R. on July 7, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Great handy product easy does it .

Great product , easy and handy to use , the roller is well crafted and helps out a lot . Well recommend happy with my purchase . The only concern I had was that I ordered it during the week before checkout it said I would be receiving my purchase on sat it took more than a week to receive it . Other than the shipping miscue I will purchase from sonic electronix .

By Jose on June 28, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Works ok but handle is tiny must be made for tiny people. Plan on strapping on a bugger handle.

By steve on December 1, 2023 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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By william on April 8, 2024 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Must have

It’s a must have if sound deadening your vehicle I have the smooth nvx roller and this one as well they both have there place in the sound deadening installation process I recommend you get both you won’t regret it

By Wesley on April 3, 2024 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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