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Impressed! But Not At First Listen! Loud doesn't equal qualtiy!

NVX is a relative new comer. I did a lot of research prior to selecting these speakers. I also purchased the NVX N series 6x9. The rears are 55wt each rms with a frequency range of 70hz. The fronts 6.5 are 50wt each rms with a frequency range of 58hz. An important factor with a 4ohm speaker with a sensitivity level of 89db. I wanted this change because I thought the lower frequency range speakers I had in this Cobalt were a little to base heavy which overwhelmed the front at 48hz. Acoustically for this type vehicle was a little much imo. The speakers kicked pretty hard even at 2db on the low. I attributed this to the car being a compact, and not as heavy as road car like the Impala, or Malibu. This car has HU with a parametric EQ, and an Alpine 445U power pack with 45wt per channel. With this I can deliver 95% power to the fronts, and 90% to the rear. The sensitivity levels on both the front and rear are in equilibrium at 89db, This balances the fade.
The sets that were removed in the rear were 87db with the fronts rated at 92db. At first I thought I wasn't going to like the speakers, and perhaps I had made a mistake with the change, but I was tired the first evening, and the change I thought was pretty dramatic that speakers were to bright, and maybe to quiet to what I had become accustomed to, but not the second. These speakers are not to bright, and aren't as quiet as I first thought. The reverberations in the car were gone, the boomy sounds had dissipated, and what I was left with were very crisps clean sounds without doing to much to the EQ, A little adjustment here, and there, and I could hear the faintest of sounds. Again I would like to point out that this HU has a parametric EQ which allows for adjustments from -2 narrow to +2 wide ranges for the low, mid, and high. I was happy to discover that I could adjust the low to a -1 narrow imo sounds cleaner. It didn't work with the prior speakers, and produce a good clean sound. We don't like our hears to hurt, and to enjoy music in a normal listening range the Loud button on high did the trick, it added the depth I wanted to hear. There is no subwoofer which I prefer. Playing music loud with all the thumping for me can be annoying, and to loud will cause the ear drum to distort if not the speakers Good quality speakers produce the sounds of every instrument cleanly and naturally at low volumes. These do just this. Powering up with just a small in dash amp brings out the full potential of these speakers. Trust me when you take them out of the box you will discover the quality that went in to making these speakers, in this catergory second to none. NVX has a full line of speakers and equipment for the more enthusiast, I am a avid music listener. Good music deserves decent equipment to be able to appreciate it. Hope this review helps. I even went as far as talking to Brian at NVX, and found him to be very nice and more than willing to give me his time with all my questions prior to making the purchase. I hope NVX much success. I personally am very satisfied.

By Jerry on April 11, 2014


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Needs an amplifer

These are nice speakers with good sound quality , but when I installed them in the back doors of my Astro Van to replace the factory originals they seem to lack the punch of the old speakers. Since they are designed to handle 100 watts rms they may not be effecient enough with just the output of the standard GM radio. I may have been better off using a speaker rated at a lower max watt rating.

By Wriggly on November 7, 2014


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2 Corrections On My Review

First I got the size speaker that was installed wrong, but I doubt that this makes any difference, the 6" will sound just as good. But I got the frequencies crossed. The front on the 6.5" are 70hz. The 6x9's at the N series are 53hz at 55 watts per speaker rms. The opposite would not make sense. I would also like to add that you can play the speakers loud, but at a moderate level these are loud to me. These are easy to power up. With that small amp the Alpine 445U at 45 watts per channel the volume control at 7 is pretty loud. The more I listen the better these sound. I have an HD component, and live near a large city, and the stations are strong, and clear, put in a CD and you get all you want from a set of full range speakers. If this is what you're in the market for you'll be happy with your purchase. I'm glad Sonic is offering NVX, and the reviews that were given by them are very accurate.

I personally like a parametric EQ because it allows for some additional adjustments for overall sound quality imo as the Q Factor that allows you to tweak a little more.. I've recently discovered that Sonic is selling Equalizers for those who have more elaborate systems. Anyone wanting to fine tune those for those sounds we all seem to be searching for this may be the ticket. The prices are very reasonable. If I would go to a subwoofer I would have to get a bigger amp, and an EQ would definitely be something I would want.

By Jerry on April 18, 2014


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Amazing speakers for the price

I would defiantly recommend this product, good speakers for the price

By Nicholas on April 23, 2015


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Great Sound !!

I had some time to listen to my favorite jazz fusion on my Great speakers. Surprise at what I was missing. Well Done on the production ! Thanks Donald

By Donald on March 26, 2018


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These have a very clear sound with good mid bass response. Definitely a great door or rear deck speaker.

By Anonymous on May 15, 2018


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Awsome Sound

These speakers create a tremendous sound for the dollar. It is hard to believe the big base sound coming from these small speakers.

By Jack on April 4, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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