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Great buy!

Bought this amp kit to pair with the NVX mini amp. The wires are too big for this small of an amp but I am very impressed with the quality of wire used in this kit. This is a true 8 gauge kit. Will definetly buy again!

By Marcus on November 10, 2014


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The Best Quality!

The minute I took all the wiring out from the box I could tell right away I made the right choice. The power and ground wire was the right weight and had plenty of flexibility in it. I bought a Kicker ZX300.1 and it required an 8 AWG kit instead of my 4 Gauge kit. The 4 Gauge kit was not even true 4 AWG, the wiring was cheap and the copper just flaked from the wire when I crimped it. The speaker wire from NVX is amazing and I love the design NVX gave for it as well (one is square other is round).

The quality of the bass has improved massively, very clean and sounds much more full. I am now going to be buying more NVX products from now on, this company rocks! Their prices are cheap, but you get superb quality.

By Trevor on June 14, 2013


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Great quality

I'm an audiophile for home stereo system and never touched car audio and accessories until I installed new sound system in my Mini Cooper recently. Reason I got this kit simply because speaker cable was long enough for my installation, maybe also the keyword 'OFC' in the description.
Overall quality really surprises me, and sound quality was pretty acceptable. I didn't get chance to A/B compare to any of my other speaker cables (from V.D.H/Zu Audio/Kimber) but also make sense not to. No harsh high and well present mid and low and it's only $40.

By Steven on January 26, 2014


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This product comes with EVERYTHING you need to install an amp in your car. All of the parts are high quality from the wires to the fuse. With a few things from Home Depot or Lowes you have a professional looking install that looks like you just got the work done by a professional.

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone installing an amp!!-

By Big Lew on December 12, 2014


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good kit

Good amp kit for the money, wires are thick and made of high quality materials, fuse holder seemed cheap though, would recommend to a friend.

By Erick on February 1, 2015


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What a kit

First amplifier install kit for me. Included everything as advertised and high quality components at that. No reduced gauge wiring here. I used it to install an NVX MVPA4 into my 2011 F150. The amp fits under the dash so I have lots of wire left over. Did I say great quality? Yes. And great price from Sonic.

By James on January 19, 2014


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Not bad for the price

only thing i wish this kit came with is an equal length ground cable to the power. im not one to ground to the body as it creates electrolyses.... im suprized since this is a "premium quality kit"

By Ryan on September 18, 2013


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great installation set!

I bought these to hook up to my massive audio nx4. Sound is clean and the wiring has a great look to it. I can see nvx took their time when designing this kit. Definitely would recommend it

By Merrix on September 17, 2013


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Heavy, heavy means expensive, which means quality.

Big things come in small packages is what my title would have been, but was too much of a cliché. I am a HUGE NVX fan and this cable only proves myself on why, everything is heavy and well built and put together very nicely, I plan to use it in the future for a daily, I got another kit because this one, although I got it for free with another purchase, it wouldn't be able to handle the power the other amp would draw.

By Jarvis on August 21, 2015


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Great product

I got it because of it's price. I had to wire up an old amp I had in my new truck. I plan on upgrading soon but needed something in it for now. The power wire was plenty long enough and the fuse box actually looks good under the hood. The problem I had was that the ring terminal wasn't big enough to fit on the stud on my Chevy stock battery. I ended up having file it out to get it to fit as they didn't include one in the kit. I already had a RCA so didn't see the need for a full kit at this point. It's on a 500 watt amp and though my amp will except a 4 awg wire I'm only running maybe 300 watts so again didn't see the need. So if you only running 500 watts or so go for it. One other thing, the black wire sheath on it for protection was so far down the wire that it actually reached into the cab of extended cab truck. This is good because I could get the rubber piece over it to protect it when running it through the fire wall.

By Beast on November 3, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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exceeded my expectations

normally I wouldn't write a review on a box of wires, but I've purchased several amp kits before and this was the first one that came with a protective mesh around the power wire for in the engine bay, thru the firewall, and a little into the dash. I'm sure it was noted in the product description, but I didn't see that so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the packaging. the aesthetics of the whole amp kit are quite nice as well, but that just stood out to me. just another NVX product that exceeded my expectations.

By Tim on February 8, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good value

Great wire kit comes with everything you need to hook up an amplifier wire is flexible and easy to install

By Anonymous on September 8, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Very quality

Contained everything I needed for a sub install except the rca cable and line out converter

By Anonymous on June 27, 2019


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Sonic electronix is the best!!

Great product, but superior timeless service from the sonic boys!!

By Anonymous on November 28, 2018


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NVX Amp Wiring Kit

This is a high quality OFC amp wiring kit for a great price. Comparable to, or better than name brands like Monster, Kicker and Rockford The power cable is flexible and comes in a nice protective mesh with a crimped 5/16" diameter lug on the battery end. The 16 ga. speaker wires are much beefier than is what is typically used in car installs. I matched this set with some NVX RCA cables, which are also good. Overall, very impressed.

By Dave R on May 21, 2016


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Great Quality Amp Kit!

Sonic Electronix is Great!
I have been a customer for several years.
I emailed Travis in Direct Sales, and he hooked me up with an even better price.
Thanks again man.
NVX is a Great Quality Brand, with a Great price.
A complete wiring kit, (minus the RCA), (I like to buy mine separately).
True Gauge, Great Quality Wire + Cable.
Pos + Neg Cable are pre-terminated on one end.
Several feet of the Pos Cable is sheathed for better protection in your engine bay.
Great length of Cabling, Speaker Wire, + Rem lead.
Nice + Solid Fuse Block
Great Kit.
Perfect for my small, powered subwoofer.
Thank You, Again, NVX + Sonic Electronix!

By Josh on October 16, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Really nice wire

I wasn't expecting much when I made my purchase but I'm glad I picked this kit. Wire is heavy & already pre terminated, Fuse holder is really nice & oversize. Nvx has some good products for a reasonable price, I won't over look them next time. I like to stick to the brands I know but Nvx is surprising me.

By Anonymous on April 3, 2019


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Worth the extra money!

This kit has everything you need. The wire is high quality and the proper gauge unlike the cheap no-name brands out there. There is more than plenty of the speaker wire. I also really like the wire loom protector on the power wire and the bolt connections are already installed.

By Chad on March 27, 2016


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NVX cables are the best!

I know NVX is the house brand, but I'm really impressed by the build quality and value!

By Dave on December 15, 2015


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Amazing wire

This is the third time I have purchased NVX brand wiring and just love its flexibility and all of the extra connectors for everything that comes in these kits. It is well worth the money.

By Brian on August 2, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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quality is amazing! dont even think about hesitating and get

By Anonymous on April 3, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Excellent quality!

I've used several cheap amp wiring kits in the past. The NVX kit was not one of them. Although it cost about the same as the cheap ones I've bought, this is an extremely nice kit. The wire is ultra high quality with nice woven sheathing on the power wire. When I buy another amp kit, this will be the one.

By Trent on April 6, 2018


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Very nice cables!

After using this amp kit I will never go back to the cheap ones again! This kit leaves you confident that your amp and speakers are getting all the power they need! And the price is very reasonable.

By Ariel on July 22, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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High quality

This is easily the best wiring kit I've used in any install. The power and ground cables are very flexible. The protective sleeve on the power cable was a nice feature. The speaker wire seems very thick for 16ga, seemed closer to 14 to me. Given that it's location was marked with shrink tube, I would have liked the fuse holder to come preisntalled but that's a minor gripe. I did nick the soft insulation in the power wire while pulling it through a tight spot. Fortunately it was in the excess end and I cut that section off. For this reason, I gave durability four stars. I find it an acceptable trade off for such flexible cable though. Overall, this is an extremely high quality kit and I'm very pleased with it!

By Bueller on January 8, 2017


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Purchased this amp kit for my son's first system in his '16 Cruze. Great value for the quality of the power wire, fuse holder, etc included in this kit. Also, as always, Sonic Electronix has the best prices and ships fast.

By Anonymous on January 30, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Top Notch

This is every bit as good as all the premium name brands out there , except this kit has a far better price point ..
Highly recomended .

By Chris on June 26, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great product at a great price!

Great 100% copper wiring. Remote turn on wire is more than long enough. Ground wire and 12V wire are both very solid!

By Libs on September 6, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Value Amp Kit

Bought this kit to install my NVX QBUS and it made things easy. I like the fuse holder design, plenty of power and ground wire and that has comes with a bunch of odds and ends to terminate the wire. I also like that it includes speaker wire. It's a nice added value to the kit. Saved me having to buy additional wire.

By Chris on April 9, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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