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Very happy with these. I bought 2 for my battery terminals, they help make things look tidy in the battery area. They screwed on easy with a allen wrench.

By Jarred on August 10, 2014


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Very nice product

Well people bought this battery terminal , and installed with no problems. I was out and I saw a stereo store and went in and saw the same product , twice the price.
Then I saw another and another and all twice the price !!!! amazing value and awesome products, keep up the good work.

By bullfloat38 on February 23, 2014


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Money well spent

Looks great and works like a champ. Nvx makes it easy to buy quality at a good price. In the future I plan to buy only nvx products as I have only seen good things come from this company.

By Dave on July 13, 2014


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Battery terminal

This is a good terminal.Fits my v battery wire and my 0ga amp power wire. Looks nice and seems to be good quality. Good price too. Plan on getting another one for my ground so they match.I would recommend this.

By Yeti on February 8, 2014


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Battery terminals

good product for price...but i think the connectors should be actual Phillips screws...but it does the job no biggie

By Joe on November 3, 2014


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Works great and looks great.

This is a very sharp looking terminal and it works well with 1/0 wire. It works especially well with the wire from NVX amp kits as the NVX 1/0 wire tends to be a little bigger than other brands. It is heavy and sturdy and it is very versatile because it can accept 2 1/0 or 4 gauge wire and 1 8 or 4 gauge wire as well.

By Cameron on June 27, 2014


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These battery terminals are first class. It hold the cable secure and looks good also. Can't go wrong with nvx.

By Artie on April 14, 2014


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high quality battery terminals

These NVX terminals are awesome. They really cleaned up my battery and made it look like a professional installer installed it.

By Samuel on February 2, 2015


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Actually love the allen set screws

Every distro block or big-wire connector should have this style of allen set screw for solid, tight but not over tightened connection. Doesn't strip out like philips head screws. Been quite pleased with the choices NVX has made in their distro block and battery terminal products. Appear to be very much among Sonic's best offerings.

Criticisms: One terminals, the back screw holding the cover fell out and was lost. The neg post on my battery was smaller so the terminal barely tightens but does cinch down ok.

Save some cash and buy the pair (+/-). Wish I had seen the two-pack.

By Bradley on December 17, 2014


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Works great

Cant complain. Not bad for the price. Pretty sturdy construction.

By Kent on April 10, 2014


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I need to change around my wiring and have been using these on my cars and this was perfect. So far I am really digging these connectors.

By Darqnez on July 14, 2014


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Great product

Highly recommend the nvx lineup offered at sonic. I like to keep my setup clean and matching. NVX line had everything to make installing a breeze . These battery clamps had the exact gauge inputs and outputs I needed and the quality was great.

By Mike on June 24, 2014


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NVX XBTPN04 = quality design great value

Better products less money. NVX is definitely on par with the top names in the car audio arena. Do your research and compare and you'll see for yourself. Quality and value? NVX wins hands down.

By Doug on December 4, 2014


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Great value

Great product will purchase more in the coming months for further projects

By chris on July 22, 2016


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NVX is Quality no ifs or buts

This brand NVX provides top end quality at a good price.
Cheers Sonic for making NVX available to me, all the way over to New Zealand.

By Benjamin on July 11, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Just what i was looking for, First time using this brand NVX and i must admit I'm staying with them.great look and easy to use

By Antonio on October 9, 2016


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hi quality product...

I recommend this item because the quality metal and plastic is really good luck like original part in the car.

By vizon on July 7, 2016


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I love these things

When you open the hood these things make your install look like it was professionally done.

By Wade on March 7, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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hi quality product...

I recommend this item because the quality metal and plastic is really good luck like original part in the car.

By vizon on July 7, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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seem ok, but

look great, plastic is kinda cheap. 2 of the ears that hold the cap down were broken off, on 1 of the units, and the package was sealed/new.

By Mark on July 29, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

Awesome product with an amazing look!!

This product not only makes your custom installation look like a million bucks, it makes a huge difference in the retention of power to your amplifiers. When we installed these NVX battery terminals the system seemed to maintain steady power with very little if any drops in voltage compared to the stock terminals on our GMC. Now I know it's not the only reason this happened, but along with the NVX 1/0 gauge oxygen free 100% virgin copper wire, it's match as close to perfect as you can get.

By David on June 15, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

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