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Best remote start available

Unlike most remote starts, this kit requires no cutting of wires or in any way changing of your vehicle. Literally plug it in, learn your key fob and your done.

By Ken on December 14, 2014


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Phenominal Product

This is, by far, the best remote start solution on the market. Don't be fooled by the low price, this is a well made, professional product!

By Mike on December 2, 2014


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Took 10 min to put in, works great, not sure if you can change this but it only stays on for 15 or so min but i guess that's good if you forget to go to your car.

By big bo jangles on February 3, 2014


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Best new car start product ever!!!!!!!

This was literally a snap to install, combined it with carlink, omg!!!! this works great not to mention how cool it is to start your car from thousands of miles away if you so wish. Good job Omega, you saved me hundreds over a traditional install.

By Bigmom on December 30, 2014


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Install was quick and easy.

It took me less than 20 minutes to go from opening the box to remote starting my vehicle. The dealer wanted $300 to install a remote start when we bought our Grand Caravan new a year ago. This unit was less than $80 and I was able to install it myself. The wife loves it and she's happy it uses the factory remote (no second remote necessary). Awesome product, I would definitely recommend it.

By Joe on April 4, 2014


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Good and easy to install

To make Shure the bypass module was update (firmware) and install by a technician. He was surprised the easy way to hock up (T harness) and its final set up (programing) features.
As the owner I'll recommend the product, it is simple, not to expensive and work as advertised.
So far I am very happy with my purchase.

By Luis on December 14, 2013


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Awesome product!!

This is an awesome plug and go remote start system. I have a 2012 Ram 3500 and it was very simple to install. I would highly recommend purchasing this product,

By Abailes6789 on August 18, 2014


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great buy

This was very quick and easy to install. Most difficult part was maybe running the horn trigger through the firewall. I also thought I damaged the ignition switch, after installing the bypass t harness, ignition wouldn't respond. I just needed to click the harmed in the switch all the way. Overall a piece of cake after that, tapped one wire and tucked everything back up. Programming was easy as well. .m

By nickz on September 19, 2013


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Tooo NiCe

Best product you could ever buy.its so easy to install a kid could do it its the best thing money could buy not only that it took me around 5min to get it installed an working

By Broam on October 28, 2013


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great plug and play

This remote start was incedibly easy to install. Start to finish, with install of hood switch took all of 45 minutes. Works like a charm. I love that it lights the parking lights when engine is running.

By jstick on December 21, 2014


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Great Product

I purchased this product out of frustration in Jeep Australia, refusing to re program my Jeep's system to allow the OEM Mopar Original Remote Start, which I purchased from the US.

This product, installed without any problems, in about 20 Minutes, and does every thing I wanted the OEM unit to do.

I would thoroughly recommend to any Jeep GC owner.

By Nigel on August 12, 2014


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Excellent Product From a terrific Company *****

Very Happy with the product and the and equally happy with the company everything went smoothly and really appreciated the call for verification prior to shippment to make sure everything was in order Felt the staff there was very professional and courtous. would do business with them again.
And I have recommended the product to my friends at work.

By CSharpe on June 11, 2015


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Flawless integration, great product.

My Challenger has a sentry key with the factory keyless entry buttons on the key.
This unit let me add remote start without adding another key fob and utilized my factory controller.
Easy to install, came pre flashed with my vehicles firmware.

By Ryan on March 12, 2016


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No better deal on the market

This is by far the best way to go for a remote start. installation was almost to simple literally took five min. And that included removing the dash parts I actually ? The installation it was so easy. Works perfectly with factory fob will start at over 100 feet away. It's not listed on the package but it comes with a bonus hood bipass switch. Worked first time / every time very well built. And you can add all types of accessories just plug them in and go truly just that simple. And the price can't be beat. Dealer wanted $400.00 for basically the same thing I don't thank so. I am VERY SATISFIED. you really can't go wrong with this remote start system. Thak You I saved a ton.

By Bill on November 18, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Excellent product

Excellent product, easy to install, fast delivery, helpfull links (website), have it installed on a 2008 and a 2015 grand caravan and it works perfect

By Ralfone on December 22, 2015


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Easy install but no instructions

This remote was extremely easy to install. Works Everytime. The only downside is didn't come with actual install instructions. I had to Google it. I still have a couple wires with connections that I'm not sure what they are used for.

By Michael on July 17, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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great product

looked around for remote starters..saw this online and ordered it.. I received it in 3days..watched video and programed it myself. total install 30 min. Unbelievable . Works great and easy use. definitely recommend.

By bill on November 10, 2015


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Easy install

Quick and easy install works flawlessly true plug and play

By Gary on February 4, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Works great for my 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan

This kit is truly plug and play. Installation was simple as was programming. Very glad to have found this vs. the oem remote kit that costs substantially more and requires dealer setup.
3 presses of unlock and it starts. Just what I needed.

By Paul on November 28, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Very good product

Very good item easy installtion ready programmed and good price Im very happy thanks

By Ismael on June 7, 2016


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Awesome product, easy installation. I did it myself took mt time and had it done in 30 minutes. I own 2011 Chrysler town & Country van. My wife can start her van from her office window about 200'.
Delivery super quick even across the border.

By Rob on November 7, 2016


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