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Great value.

It was exactly what I needed to cleanly install an amplifier to my factory stereo with no splicing or altering of the factory wire harness.

By Chuck on November 28, 2014


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Amp adding made easy

Best part is you do not have to cut any factory wires just plug and play to add a subwoofer amp on the rear RCA, plus 12v remote output is nice too.

By Kristofer on June 8, 2011


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Great product

This is good product, I have installed the sub with the amp on my Journey. Very good sound and easy plug and play.

By Sylvain on October 1, 2012


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Works as advertised

I added a amp and sub to my 2012 Ram truck. Eliminates the need for splicing into your factory harness. Provides turn-on wire if you need it.

By big papa on June 25, 2012


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Installed in Town & Country van - made it easy

I have the MyGig RER unit and wanted to add amps and subs. This unit made my life soooo much more easier. The PAC unit gave me low level outs for the amps and I also tapped the high level speaker wires for hookup of all speakers without the need to touch the stock internal harness. I put in Kicker speakers, Boss amps and Rockford subs from Sonic and it greatly improved audio performance.

By Louis5377 on September 6, 2012


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Great Product

This worked perfect for adding an amp for subs with a factory radio. 2012 Ram

By Chris on September 17, 2013


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PAC AOEM-CHR3 - The Perfect Upgrade for My Car Audio System

I recently purchased the PAC AOEM-CHR3, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. This fantastic piece of automotive technology has completely transformed my car audio system, and I'm here to share my positive experience with you.

Installation was a breeze! Thanks to the clear and detailed instructions provided, I was able to set up the PAC AOEM-CHR3 without any hassle. The included wire harness made connecting the unit to my existing system a snap.

What I love most about the PAC AOEM-CHR3 is its seamless integration with my car's factory stereo. I was initially concerned that upgrading my audio system might lead to compatibility issues, but this product proved me wrong. It retains the factory look and functionality of my car's stereo while delivering incredible audio quality.

The sound quality improvement is astounding! I can now enjoy crystal-clear audio, with deep bass and crisp highs that I didn't even know my car's speakers were capable of. Whether I'm listening to my favorite music, the PAC AOEM-CHR3 enhances the entire listening experience.

Another impressive feature is the adjustable gain control, which allows me to fine-tune the audio output to my liking. It's a handy feature that lets me customize the sound to match my preferences, ensuring an enjoyable ride every time I get behind the wheel.

In conclusion, the PAC AOEM-CHR3 has proven to be a fantastic investment for my car audio system. It's easy to install, seamlessly integrates with the factory stereo, and delivers an audio upgrade that exceeds expectations. If you're looking to enhance your car's audio experience without sacrificing its original functionality, I highly recommend the PAC AOEM-CHR3. It's a game-changer, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

By Jerry on September 27, 2023

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