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Works fairly well

Allows my stereo to be hidden under dash and have the remote sill work. It works fairly well at controlling my stereo, the only time it has trouble is when there is a lot of sunlight.

By blknight88 on August 31, 2012


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Good product

Was looking for a simple IR repeater. Ordered PAC IR-X to control a modern radio hidden in the glove box of my 1966 Mustang. Works perfectly with my JVC remote/radio even on sunny days with the convertible top off.

By Karl on August 24, 2012


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PAC IR-X reciew

Great product that works reliably.Easy to install and use. Solved my stereo location issue.

By skidootnt on March 12, 2013


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works great and solved my problems

In a word, exceptional. Works perfectly in my classic truck with hidden cd player.

By steve on September 17, 2013


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Cool product for a reasonable price

I used the PAC IR-X so I could hide a modern stereo in the glove box of my otherwise original 1965 Mustang Convertible. You would never know the stereo or the remote are in the car. Very simple to install and operate.

By Ted on August 28, 2012


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This product works well. I was able to place the receiver behind the dashboard and control my head unit located in the glove box!

Would definitely recommend this unit to control hidden equipment in your car!

By jkjr456 on July 28, 2011


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Pretty cool item

I own a 1957 chevy truck and wanted to keep the dash looking stock with a radio delete plate. I had a sony stereo with bluetooth for my head unit. I mounted the stereo under the seat and ran the eye out to the steering wheel. I glued thin a thin magnet to the back of the stereo remote and it sticks to the dash pointing at the eye so i can control the radio. Not seeing the stereo is not a problem since i stream music from my phone. The only con to the product is the power box should be on the stereo end of the cable. I did not like having to find a spot behind the dash for the box and the wiring. If the box is by the stereo, the the power and ground can come from the stereo wiring harnes. Instead you only hace like 16 inches of wire to place where the remote can see it.

By Cody on February 13, 2014


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Works awesome

this has to be positioned properly to get the best out of it, other than that this is awesome and glad i got it.....

By Tom, B..... on September 17, 2013


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The right solution for my situation

I have owned this product for about 6 months now. I used it on my boat to control the stereo from the front of the boat, while the stereo is at the back of the boat. The IR receiver and transmitters are very small, and most people do not even see them. This device allows me to adjust volume, skip, and the rest of the functions my remote normally does from anywhere on my boat. I no longer have to "see" the head unit. The head unit is safe from the elements!

By Ryan671 on February 6, 2012


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Works as advertised!!!!!

Simple install....worked as advertised....highly recommended....well worth the price.

By BKIN10SECS on December 17, 2012


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Great piece of equipment!

I drive a classic car, with the original radio in the dash. The IR-X lets me hide a modern stereo out of sight and control it with the remote. Installation was very easy, too.

By Joe on July 17, 2013


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Stelth Tunability!!!

Everything hidden, nothing visible! Easy install, easy wiring. Great product!!!

By Pontiac Pete on December 26, 2011


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Works as stated

Total installation time was around 30 mins. Once you get your sensor positioning correct (one sensor needs to be positioned to receive the signal from your remote, the second sensor takes the place of that remote so you need to have it mounted in front of and pointed towards your head unit.) she worked all of the remote functions flawlessly. Had my head unit mounted in my glove compartment, no need to open the glove compartment door anymore to operate my radio.

By Jay on June 22, 2012


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Great value!

This little unit is great when you want to hide your stereo unit and still use the remote! Easy hook up.

By Jim on September 30, 2016


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Works as planned, but be careful

This worked fine when installed. Then, I decided to zip tie the receiver "eye" in place and ended up crushing the wires, so it stopped working. Be very careful on installation. There appear to be 3 wires going into the eye and they are somewhat fragile. Otherwise, it works as planned.

By John on September 19, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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I own a 1968 Chevrolet ss396 El Camino. While not extremely rare (5,193 built) it has its existing AM radio. It works and was fine for the first year or three I have owned it. I installed a modern Bluetooth radio inside the glove box. Old cars have metal glove box doors that the vf signal will not pass thru for the remote operation. Using the PAC IR-X unit I am able to use the remote without opening the door. Keep my original super sport looking all original inside

By Kevin on January 23, 2017


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PAC IR-X in a classic mustang

I used the PAC IR-X to allow my remote control signal to be sent to a head unit which is located in the trunk. My only criticism is the sensor wire should be longer to allow more flexibility in the position of the sensor relative the the main unit. Other than that the emitter wire is very long and the unit works very reliably. I am more than happy with the unit.

By Foresight on January 3, 2016 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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