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Great unit, compact and provides a very good usable signal. I do get a slight turn on pop on occasion but could be install. Would buy again.

By isaidme on March 14, 2014


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pac lp7-2

Works great highly recommended, can't beat the price. Cheesy design but most of the time tucked away and won't be seen.

By stevo on June 23, 2014


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It Works

This product works and is easy to wire in, but it really limits your amplifier. This makes your amp get louder by intervals of 10. For example, on the volume level on my radio, 49 is louder than 50, and 49 is equal to 54. It would be better to just put an aftermarket stereo in, it would be louder and clearer.

By Michael on September 27, 2014


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I own a 2011 F150 Lariat with the premium Sony Navigation system. (really nice!!) I had looked all over the internet to research the best way to install an amplifier and subwoofer to the stock stereo. The Sony comes with a factory subwoofer underneath the passenger side rear seat. I walked into sonic, and ran into Allyn. I explained my setup and he pointed me to this product. He explained how it installed, walked me thru the process and even went so far as to print out a wiring diagram of the subwoofer in my truck. I was able to take this home and install this cleanly within an hour. The factory subwoofer comes with a left and right + and - lines.(4 total) The pac tapped into all 4 lines and I was able to piggyback off the amp(12v) to power this unit. Now when I turn on the radio it signals this unit to turn on my amp. No need to run an extra remote wire. After installed I ran my rca's to the amp. This simplified my amp installation and saved me a lot of time by not having to run extra wires. It even has a gain to dial back the amplified signal coming from the stock subwoofer. This allows me to have a cleaner signal to my aftermarket amp. All instructions included are easy to follow. I would absolutely recommend this for anyone trying to upgrade a factory stereo. In addition to the price and customer service, You cant go wrong. My aftermarket Sub and amp sound amazing!! And if I ever want to remove the sub and amp, the factory sub is left untouched and in tact.

By Alvin on February 28, 2014


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Great product

I installed on a 2011 Toyota tundra and works great. No engine noise, just clear sound.

By Luis on November 21, 2013


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Great value

First of all PAC makes great products especially for connecting after market equipment to OEM stereos. This is all I needed to connect a mono amp with 2 subs to a Mazda stock head unit. It has remote turn on and is set up to add one amp to your stock radio. All you need and highly recommend.

By Cordie on January 12, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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The unit performs perfect. I like to amp turn on function. The adjustment knob to adjust the sound works well.

By Shane on February 19, 2016


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LOC for 1 sub on a budget!!

If you are on a budget with a newer vehicle, that has an "infotainment " system= this will get the job done to install an amp and a sub. Very simple to install, set gain, adjust amp and you have bass. It's worth a look at, especially if you already have an amp/sub from previous ride and a new ride with only speakers to tap into.

By Anonymous on December 1, 2019


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Great Product

I have been buying PAC products for a very long time, so I knew it would be a great product. What sold me on this unit was the fact it has the Remote amp turn on integrated into the unit so it makes adding an amp to your stock stereo system a much cleaner installation.

By Todd on August 20, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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This thing didn't work at all. I hooked everything up how it was suppose to be hooked up and it sent no signal to my amps. Had it tested at a shop and the reason why it wasn't getting no signal was because the connecter didn't properly fit. No fault of sonic electronix, the manufacturer just dropped the ball on the one I had.

By SEAN on April 19, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Worked great...untill it didn't

I bought this to use on a car I bought that forces me to use the factory head unit unless I want to gut the inside of my dash (which I don't) worked fine for about 7 months. At that point I had a subwoofer blow so I was not using it. About 4 months passed and I finally decided to buy new subs. I got everything installed to find that the remote was only supplying 1.5v, so quite a bit less than the 12v required. I pulled apart the dash to see if maybe wires just came loose...nope the converter just took a dump! very upsetting considering it broke while it was not actually being used!! I would not recommend this product unless you only need it for a few months, or like to have to replace waaay sooner than it should need it.

By christopher on January 23, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Good Value

Does what its supposed to do. Splices into exsisting speaker lines to convert to low level rca inputs for amplifier. Extra perk is you have a remote wire hook up as well you can run your amplifier remote to for amp turn on.

By Edward on September 5, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Worked but?

The item works as stated. The issue is with many newer factory systems you get bass roll off at a certain level. You turn up the volume and the bass decreases. They do this to protect the speakers but not good when adding a subwoofer.

By James on February 9, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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It gets the job done. I would only use for a cheaper set up.

By Michael on July 6, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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