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Dyersburg, TN

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Great product!

June 3, 2015

This product is awesome and super easy to connect/use! I previously tried access awsc-1 and the xsvi- 6523-nav on my 2014 Dodge Dart. Neither one worked. I bought a second xsvi-6523-nav and it too would cut on and off like the first one. The awsc-1 I tried by itself with a wire from battery so it would stay on and nothing. I tried another stereo and still.......nothing but a flashing red light. So I did some research and came across the PAC rp4-ch21. It has a nice harness neatly made. All instructions are straight forward as well. So I wired it up and about 10 seconds after turning everything on it worked first time. It was pre programmed. I will never use axxess products again. Glad Sonic Electronix had it! You guys are the best!!!!!

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