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easy to install. fit my deck great. great for making your own double den opening!

By josh on December 20, 2010


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bad service

Everything was great except for the black plastic face. not the correct size. i have read multiple forums of people having the same problem. ok product still.

By guitarguy on April 7, 2010


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great product

Thank you sonic for having this product! Would'nt be able to install the pioneer without it, and as usuall- good price and hassle free shiping to Canada!!

By petio on August 15, 2011


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Great Double Din Dash Kit!

I got this for my VW Jetta beacuse it has an "extra large double din". This kit is made for it and fills it perfectly and have told many other VW owners this is what they need when installing Pioneer double DINs for vehicles.

By Curtis on January 30, 2012


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Why Sonic for the ADT-VA133...???

Quite specifically Sonic offered genuine Pioneer mounting parts at the best price. In stock... Fast & Easy transaction. Well ordered & efficient web-page.

Retrofitting Pioneer nav, dvd, bluetooth stereo radio in a Porsche 944s: Reno SQR46 Radio... plug & play installation with custom connector Part number... DIN connector-Part # 120701822

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By deton8 on August 7, 2011


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Pioneer adt-va133

This worked on the pioneer avh1600dvd I installed this in my 02 avalanche.

By michael on November 9, 2014


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Great product

It works just perfect, it has all the hardware for your needs. Good product

By Reac66 on June 25, 2012


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Most cost effective way to add a stereo to a Mercedes Benz

This kit was used to install a pioneer 3500BHS which saved hundreds of dollars of having a dash made. No cutting was neccassary and my ML 350 looks fantastic with this kit installed.

By Donnie E on March 26, 2013


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Stereo mount

I used this cage to install a double din stereo in a camper. Worked perfectly. Highly recommend it.

By todd on March 7, 2018


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perfect purchase.

It met all expectations. It falls to perfection without much effort. Everything at hand.

By manuel on May 23, 2020 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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Perfect fit

I used this for a 1993 Ford Taurus to put a Double Din Radio in. The Taurus had the single din area in it but below was really useless area with a cup holder that when you pulled it out you might be able to put a Pop can in it. The other area was for a coin holder and another useless area. So cut the piece that divided the two and the Pioneer ADT-VA133 was perfect to put the Double din radio in and it's secure. Very Secure Thanks Pioneer,

By Jay on May 11, 2022 Checkmark Icon Verified purchase


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