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Nice Flipout stereo

My factory stereo went out in my ford Taurus so I researched car stereo's for a pretty good stretch of time. I called and talked to a lot of places about certain stereo's and Sonic Electronix simply beat everybody else. The stereo looks and sounds great. I thought I would need new speakers but my factory speakers actually sound better than ever so... I will hold off until I need new ones. The 3500nex made my factory speakers sound 10 times better I am simply amazed at the difference. I do like the flip out experience as it adds some wow factor but at the same time it sounds great. It has all of the features I need. I put a single din in a double din space and it looks great. The wife likes it too so win win situation !! I have dealt with other places and had issues but soniceletronix really came through . If I have any questions I call a certain person at soniceletronix and get the help I need. Thanks Travis!! If you need a great stereo then get the avh-3500nex . if you need a great place to get that new stereo I suggest Soniceletronix. Cheers !!

By Bill on September 20, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great H/U

So far this H/U has been very good. The apple car play function works very well and the provide Microphone for phone calls picks up extremely well. The instructions are a little lacking but a quick google search will help you figure out the wiring. I recommend getting the emergency safety bypass micro switch as well.

By Keith on October 31, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Not worth the money!!!!

After getting this professionally installed I immediately did not like it. It took 19 seconds for it to cycle through its set up stage for it to be ready. After that the back up camera plug has a issue with it because the camera worked 1/2 the time. I requested a refund and was denied a refund. After spending $1800.00 with this company. I feel they treated me unfairly. I am a Senior Citizen and $800.00 is alot of money to me. Will not be buying anything else from this company.!!!!!

By Louis on March 31, 2022 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great purchase

This radio brought my 2005 truck up to current technology, now no reason to buy a new truck. I really like this unit Just a word of advice, you might have to Google how to operate it as the operating instructions stink. Case in point, I thought the subwoofer and back-up camera were not functioning. They need to be turned on as their default is "off"...but nowhere does it tell you this.

By Anonymous on September 9, 2019 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Love it!

I've used this product now for about two months and am loving it so far. There are still a number of features I'm learning to use but overall I'm very happy with the product as it completely transformed my vehicle. Some pros I'm very happy with include excellent picture quality and the unit is very responsive. One negative is sometimes the unit doesn't connect carplay for me at times but it isn't very often and is not enough to cause concern. I recommend the unit to everyone I speak with!

By Andy on May 11, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Wonderful in dash DVD Touch Screen Monitor

This is a great Single-Din In-Dash DVD Monitor, with many wonderful features. I like the design and sleek look of this unit. Many options for upgrading such as front, rear, and subwoofer pre-out RCA's, as well as auxiliary and USB inputs on the back of the unit and other features. Very nice easy to use screen navigation and settings. This is a fantastic and appealing head unit. You must have the screen open to access the features and controls. There is no front display with the screen closed. A very good choice for in-dash multimedia, smartphone, rear camera, and another accessory interface.

By Michael on March 10, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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The best inversion ever!

Excellent quality and price!!! My favourite Headunit till the moment!

By Anonymous on October 14, 2019


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Great HU

I have had my Pioneer AVH-3500NEX for about 2 years and I love the functionality of this head unit. There are many features and functions not mentioned in the description that are game changers in my opinion.
#1. it allows you to set crossover points and slopes. There are two modes standard mode uses the three rca outs as front rear and sub and you cannot set crossovers or slopes in standard mode but there is also network mode which uses the rca outs as mids highs and sub and this mode allows you to set your crossovers and slopes.
#2. It has time alignment feature which is awesome and makes a huge difference
#3. You can set driver location and speaker levels for each individual speaker.

I have had only one complaint with this head unit and it seems that all Pioneer head units have this issue. When I was setting gains on my amps with oscilloscope I was doing pretty good about powering the unit down before switching rca connections which is what you have to do. But when I was getting close to being done I forgot and "hot swapped" the rca's which blew a tiny internal fuse called the pico fuse that unless you are an expert at circuit board soldering very small pieces you do not want to try. The pico fuse is connected to rca grounds so when that fuse blows you get horrible engine noise through all speakers. I fixed that issue by completely stripping about 8" of 18awg copper wire then putting a little bead of solder on that wire attaching it to one of the rca pre outs then wrapped it around the other rca pre out on same pigtail then ran the bare wire back up the pigtail towards back of head unit and taped it up I then did the same thing for other 2 pre out pigtails then took the three loose ends of bare wire and crimped all three into an eyelet that a screw on back of radio would fit through. I removred the screw put it through the eyelet and tightened it up securing wires to metal case of head unit and no more engine noise.

I still recommend this product because it might sound really bad but it really wasn't and for me the sound I get out of it the little bit of soldering was well worth it.

By Wade on August 1, 2023


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By Stuart on November 24, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase

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