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Very satisfied.

The AVIC-W8600NEX was a major upgrade to my stock stereo (CM695UL) Clarion model PF-3678. The stock speakers’ sound quality has improved greatly (more powerful, crisp, clear). The integrated GPS/NAV system is accurate and informative. Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity is seamless.
Wide array of options for AV inputs: HDMI, USB, AUX, RCA.
Touch screen is responsive and does not require much pressure.
User interface is very customizable.

Stock Stereo Removal Tips: Watch video from “AutoHarnessHouse”. Use a flexible extension bit holder with universal joint to remove rear screws to avoid having to remove panel. Do not forget to release AC controls mechanical linkage temperature cord from lever.

Brackets: I used Scosche SU2031B.
I was unable to install stereo flush because it would interfere when opening face to insert DVD. Finding the right bracket setting was certainly a challenge and a headache.

Harness: I bought harness pre-wired. Literally plug ‘n play, no surprises. Make sure you connect rear camera to brown connector. Ensure you follow wiring diagram provided by iDatalink. Part #:
iDatalink Maestro RR Interface Module
iDatalink HRN-HRR-SU2
iDatalink ACC-HU-PIO1

USB: I bought the USB connector from “AutoHarnessHouse”. Works perfectly. If you have a dual USB under your armrest, it will not work. You need to replace with Subaru Part#: 86257AL210.

Antenna Connector: Metra 40-LX11 Antenna Adapter

Microphone: Stock microphone will not work. I fished the cable through the roof with a wire and then ran down passenger pillar. Takes patience but doable. Added noise insulating foam material around mic pocket.

Important: Avoid pinching AC control cord. Do not jam harness down. Carefully distribute.

By Daniel on February 9, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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This thing is a few years old. It does have carplay which is nice. Sound quality is excellent which is the point. I like that it has wireless carplay. The nav is not great. Have to stop to find address with a very unfriendly interface. I just use maps on my phone. It does not ever autoplay music which is a huge fail. The factory mopar stuff always autoplays. When it does not auto connect or drops, have to stop to reconnect. Why can’t it just auto connect on its own??? If I click to connect and it is greyed out, I already looked away from the road so just connect, stupidest thing I have ever seen. Not worth paying for built in Nav. Wireless carplay is the best and will never buy anything without it again

By Michael on August 31, 2023


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