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Great for the money

I can't really say anything bad about these speakers. For the money you pay, you can't really argue with the value. They sound great at loud volumes, run straight from my Pioneer cd player. I have them installed in the front dash of my 90 Corolla GTS. After doing some modifying to each speaker housing just to make it sound better. I took the insulation out, added butyl rubber to make the speaker seal better, and cut some of the stock metal cage out of the way of the speaker. It made those little 4 in speakers so much louder and clearer sounding. I still have yet to hear much distortion at all from them at high volumes, with any kind of music. Definitely recommended.

By Ryan on December 30, 2013


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Pretty Good Speakers for the Money

As most have said, these speakers are relatively inexpensive, and still provide a good sound. Currently, I have them powered solely off my JVC head unit, and they sound pretty good. However, I'm only running around 17 watts RMS to each speaker. A half-way decent amp would make these puppies really come out and shine for a budget set up. FYI, I currently have them installed in the front dash of a 1987 Ford Ranger. They required a decent amount of fabrication to make them fit perfectly; however, I had researched and knew this fully prior to purchasing.

By Big E on January 13, 2015


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Great replacement for the money

Bought these for a 1990 nissan truck. The fit was perfect and the sound is very good for a small speaker.

By toddssjones on January 26, 2011


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Bought these as well as some 6.5" of a similar model, also pioneers. Great stock replacement speakers, not designed for anything high end, but definitely a noticeable improvement over stock.

By jason on September 12, 2010


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This Seller its just PERFECT

By Andoniades on March 13, 2009


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Good speakers

I purchased these speakers 6 months ago, i ran new wires to them and they are performing very well. good highs and mids, but struggles with the lows, which is to be expected with speakers of these size. Overall a great replacement for stock speakers and due to their small depth they fit in most cars.

By Austin on February 23, 2010


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Slim speaker, yet great sound

Low profile for cars which need slimmer speakers in order to fit in the dash and keep the OEM look.

By NetBizMobile on December 16, 2011


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Great Sound at a great price

These are a great sounding speaker for the size. You will not be dissapointed with these speakers.

By Donald on February 16, 2011


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Great Small Speaker

Great sound for a small speaker, plus a decent bass for it's size. They compliment the other speakers in my vehicle (VW Vanagon).

By Steve on December 19, 2009


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1996 corolla

i bought these for my corolla and a eay install and sounded great

By simmsd on April 11, 2011


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I decided to invest a few extra dollars and buy the Pioneer Pioneer TS-A1072R.

I recommend with out reservations this brand and model.
The delivery was fast and this company Sonic is very much willing to have you satisfied. Forget about dollar more or dollar less and buy from them.

By CARMAG on December 16, 2010


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Happy And Amazed

great I installed it in an MR2 behind the Pass. seat It sounds GREAT! I've been building speaker sys. since 1982 and im done just plug and play. this place is great if I need it They Have It! I have 4 boys so we have done and are still doing alot of car and trucks I cant wait for my little girl, I have a few years befor I start hers

By DAD on April 17, 2012


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its awesome

wonderful sound very loud easy to install depending on vehicle

By Lido Jay on August 22, 2015


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very good

I just put these in a Chevy Spark. I'm very impressed with these little speakers. I would have to say i increased the loudness buy 3db with the same stock head unit. Had an issue with them not fitting with the factory grill in the dash ,but I modified the grill so they would fit. Other wise they are perfect for the price.

By Davin on June 16, 2016


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