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By Eric on June 29, 2023 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


found this helpful.

Champion series for the win

I have owned alpine type r 12s and these are not of the same caliber but for a budget sub please buy these! From an spl or SQ perspective these subs deliver clean undistorted bass and handle the claimed wattage.
Currently running two pioneer champion series 12s @ 800rms.
I want to utilize the extra head room in my amp by adding a 1300 watt rms load.
Got a chance to demo two JL audio W3 12s and I prefer the sound of the champion series by pioneer by a long shot!
The w3s could not take the current load of my amplifier at 800rms as I did not change any tuning going from the champion series 12s into the jl w3 12s.
At 350 per sub the w3 is just an entry level sub.
That's a lot of coin for the amount of wattage it can handle.
I let my type R's go with a car sell and miss them!! Had the pioneer champion series from a different build and they actually sound pretty clean!
I paid 150.00 for the two 12 champion series in a truck fited box yrs ago for a tundra build behind the rear seat.
I moved the pioneer champion series to a q bomb ported box and they sound really good in my navigator! I have a large cushion I use to seal the box when I want to go into low freq. The champion series handles 27hz at 400 rms per sub with no -issue. I have them facing forward into my third row. To eliminate vibration from rear facing into my rear lift gate. I have my subsonic set at 25hz\gain is not even quarter way up\bass boost freq set at 30hz\bass boost set to a quarter way\low pass filter 60hz.. I am running a audiopipe admn1500.1.. dyno certified rms wattage at 1ohm 1441 watts.. I run my amp at 1ohm on my pioneer champion series.

By KoldKash808 on October 3, 2023

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