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Their the truth

Got 2 on an audiophile 3000.1 dynoed at 3150 RMS at 2ohms these woofers handle it with no problems and they really do 1500 to 1900 true. If your running the big SHIT these will handle the biz and for the price you can't lose kudos to power acoustik they answered the bell on this one trust me buy this speaker you won't be sorry. THE REAL FUCKING DEAL!!!!!

By jesse on September 16, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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BAMF U know what that means!!

hey are great they play loud Deep and are accurate. I got mine in a Atrend LSV 15 box from Sonic E. 2 subs in 2 Separate boxes eats up all the space in my vehicle but well worth it. Powered by a Lanzar Opti 4400.1 @ 1/2 ohm if you are on the fence Don't hesitate JUST buy them especially @ this price. This is my 6 sub. the first 3 I sold at a considerable profit for son 18"s .(** Sounds} big mistake. You will not find a sub that plays this loud and clean @ this price or anywhere near it. Clean power and good box = ridiculous BASS!!

By Adrian on August 29, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Power Acoustic 15 inch 3800 watt subwoofer.

Great quality sub. Just make sure to get a good quality vented or ported box. I had trouble with box rattling on my first box. Had to hold pressure on box to get a good quality sound. Purchased a different box and it sounds a lot better

By Daniel on July 1, 2016


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Good bang for the money

I got two of these power acoustic bamf 15s they hit so hard

By SanJuan on January 18, 2021 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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BAMF indeed

this sub really lives up to its name, hits hard and only running 1000 rms through it for break in period. I am upgrading my amp to the upper end of this subs rating.

By Johnny on March 4, 2016 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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great speaker

My brother bought 2 15's,I build a box for trunk of mitsubishi gallant tuned to 35 hrtz they sound great we running them at 2 ohms on power accustic 6000.

By big b on March 17, 2016


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First off I just want to start by saying what a great sub this is for an anazing price!!! Im running it in a 4ft^3 tube port box. it hates high notes and can tolerate mids but this thing LOVES THE LOWS! Just this week i got a 3 farad capacitor for it which i didnt realize i needed so mych for this monster. With the cap it kicks harder and can go louder at subsonic levels, it also doesnt dim my head lights and interior lifhts any more. I highly recomend this sub and as a fair warning, stay away from cars with touchy alarm systems.

By Yeetgod918 on February 13, 2016


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Subs hit hard, and can handle power. Got mine wired down to 2 ohms on a Soundstream 8000.....for now. Will be getting two more, soon!!!!

By Lou on October 26, 2020 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Price, Great Quality

Can't beat the price and they hit hard. Sound great. Everyone can hear me coming down the road.

By Koshua on May 27, 2016


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