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Truth in Labeling-actually delivers 100 watts per channel

To many amps make outrageous claims regarding their output. If an amplifier has a 10 amp fuse for example, there is no way it can produce 400 watts RMS. The Power Acoustik RZ4-1200D is not such an amp. Small enough to fit on my BMW K1100 motorcycle yet powerful enough to sound loud and clear at 75mph, this amp is a great buy at any price. I can only judge the actual output by ear, but I can tell you it is loud and proud. I would also like to give a tip of the hat to Sonic Electronix costumer service; you guys rock, and the discount shipping label is a fantastic extra!

By beemerbiker on October 26, 2014


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The RZ4 - 12000D is a good amplifier for speakers and tweeters . It fits perfectly under a seat or any small area. I recommend this amp if you want more power to your speakers without spending a lot of money.

By jul on January 29, 2015


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Excellent Amp!

I was amazed by the small size of this 1200 watt amp. It is no bigger than a VHS tape. Very strong too, it is powering 2- 6.5" fronts and 2- 5.25" rear speakers with plenty of power to spare.

Highly recommended for anyone tight on space.

By 5046 ENT on January 3, 2015


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Nice little amp!

I used to compete in SQ so I am a little picky but I was impressed with this tiny little amp. I purchased this for my father in law because he just wanted a little louder and not to take up a ton of space os spend a lot of money. I have it running 2 power acoustic 6x9's and the other 2 channels bridged to an Alpine type R sub, and I gotta say I wasn't expecting much and I think it sounds just as good as the budget system I installed in my own ride and spent half as much. The SQ may not win any competitions but for the average user that wants to save some space and some cash this is it!

By Trahan101 on November 29, 2013


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Great Value

I recently installed this amp on my Harley and it sound great. Its small packaging puts out great sound and plenty of punch I highly recomend.

By Tony on August 13, 2013


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Great compact amp!

I am powering 4 6.5" nvx v-series component speakers with this amp. I can easily over power the speakers with this amp has plenty of power left in it. I crank the volume up and jam out and this thing doesn't miss a beat. Doesn't get hot and puts out great sound.

By 602 on September 15, 2021


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