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this amp dose its power RMSLY PLUS!

people need to know that this amp is a powerful amp at its specs if your subs not playing right then you might wanna check out your wiring ....I INSTALLED one of these to my boys old skool punch z and they slap !!! i thought that these would just beat normal like a few 800 w or 500 watt systems i installed for my sisters car but man this amp sure does work!!!

By jacob407 on October 13, 2014


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great amp

this is a very good amp, cleanest i have ever heard in my life, mine says 673 @2ohms per channel but there is a downfall, Rockford had let me down with this amp its not ever half the power on the 1000w its says, i have p1000 and its not half that power. i think that this amp was not rated at that 1000w, mine blew in one month with 16volts which all my other equipments handle, anyway its clean

By ryan Chasteau on March 15, 2014


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Rockford fosgate P1000X2

Fosgate is still one of the best. I have this powering 8 6X9 speakers running a 2 ohm load per channel in a jet boat. Did not want subs because of weight. This amp rocks. Price was fair. I really like the clip control saves you from blowing up my speakers. Everyone asks where are the subs. No subs man. I never knew 6X9 could actyually thump. She can get warm fast. I rrecommend this product.

By Butch on May 2, 2014


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Rockford Fosgate does it again!!

Amp works great, has tons of power. Mine came with a birth sheet stating that it was manufacturer tested and it had the ability to produce up to 1401w RMS

By Kenny G. on October 1, 2013


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not what i had expected

I bought this amp and i was disappointed, it says 1000w but i'm sure this doesnt gives out as much as that, mine says 1345 rms well i have a p1000 mono and its nothing even close that power, i hook up 4 8ohms loudspeaker and its not even loud, what i must say positive its the most cleanest amp i own its quite a decent amp for the price also its worth it if you are into a mild audio sound but not loud for competition.

By chasteau on January 23, 2014


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Unbelieveable value

I would recommend this to the serious shopper of aftermarket car amps. It does exactly as it claims and then some! Don't waste your hard earned money on products that just don't perform. Get this and be satisfied like I am. You won't be sorry!!!

By ronald on October 13, 2014


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I agree with other reviewer. These amps are nice to look at and clean but do not get loud. The setting nomad and anticlip feature really seem to rob some power. I am running two of these punch amps lower levels one 2 channel and one 4 channel. The four channel I have bridged goin to dynaudio components and amp cuts in and out at higher volumes. Have tried lowering gains but same problem just not very powerful.

By Cfmechanic on September 4, 2021


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