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Foley, AL

Works great for 900 watt system.

July 13, 2014

I have a 70 amp alternator stock so I bought this battery to run a second amplifier. I installed Polk db6501 components and Pioneer amp. Can't remember name but it has two 30 amp fuses on the side. I had slight head light dimming issues occasionally with my original set up. Digital Designs 512 on a 600 watt Powerbass amp. This took all issues away even with the second amp. The only thing I am slightly worried about is that I wired it to a two year old Gold top battery. I think it will be fine, I've played it every day for three months or so. Great value, great price and it shipped quick. Make sure to double fuse the power wire from the front battery to rear. If you don't know what that means please youtube it and save your equipment.

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Duluth, MN

Verified Purchase
Little Battery Huge Power!!

June 6, 2020

So I recently upgraded the sub/amp setup I'm running and was getting some dimming of the headlights. Conventional wisdom would say just add a cap and you will be good to go. In the past I had one explode about a month after it was installed and I had another one start my trunk on fire so I decided to go another route which brought me here. Now I bought this smaller one which is about half the recommended size for my wattage (1200 RMS) but before you facepalm and call me an idiot you need to take into consideration the rest of the setup. I already previously upgraded my factory high output alternator, did a big 3 upgrade, and Optima red top battery. So I figured I did not need as much and I was correct. Added this battery to the sub box and used a battery isolator to avoid issues with mismatched batteries. And the system runs flawlessly with no more dimming and no voltage drop. Very pleased with this little fella. Packs a punch that's for sure. If you're not running upgraded electrical I would recommend matching the size of the battery to your wattage to maintain the life of the battery. And unless it's the same exact make and model as your main battery you need to use an isolator. But all in all, I would highly recommend these to anyone needing a little more juice or just want to slap with the engine off.

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