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Got this to replace a Yellow Top Special Optima Battery. Perfect wattage output and voltage for me to run my equipment through. Have a Rockford Fosgate t1000.1 and a Rockford Fosgate t400.4 on just one and no dimming or electric lossage anywhere. Loved it so much I bought a second one to power another Rockford Fosgate t1000.1. Very good for the price and when it comes to audio equipment (except for in-dash receivers i've found) nothing can beat Sonic's price.

There is one con though. After hooking it up to everything, i looked for a place to bolt it down. There wasn't one. It is very compact and there is no way to bolt it down. I had to build a special platform on either side of the trunk to house them so the wires won't move. If you don't know anything about specialty batteries, wiring is everything, so just keep this in mind when going to buy this product. Overall, very highly recommended.

By Trey on March 15, 2013


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Love this little guy, Have it hooked up to Kicker zx1000.1, voltage never drops below 13v at idle and it's the same exact thing as Kinetic just a different sticker, Highly recommended.

By Jess on March 1, 2012


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Shuriken SK-BT35

I have this battery in conjunction with my car's stock battery powering a JBL GTO 14001 (1500W RMS @ 2ohms). The voltage drops max 0.2 volts when the bass slams hard! It really helps my amp not to struggle for voltage, and it's really small. Instead of capacitors get a deep cycle, it's way better!

By danyBWR on September 8, 2010


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Worked Well

Worked as intended. Does its job. No deformities, mishaps or anything bad. Handled hot and cold conditions. No complaints, good price.

By Brick on August 10, 2010


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This is an excellent choice when considering backup power or storage against the onslaught of pounding systems in your ride. I use 2 of these just for that purpose.
1 of these is equal to 200 farads of capacitance and is rated at 35 amp hours. I have been using this battery for 4 years and have just recently purchased a second as my system demands are now in the show

By RIVER on February 23, 2013


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Works great

By Crazyj on June 14, 2011


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Great battery

This battery is perfect if your running one or two amps. Keeps the voltage up and makes your system sound much cleaner and louder. And great for the price too.

By Mason on November 27, 2012


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I have an Mx5 and when I put more a of strain from my two 8's and 500w as well as a built motor pulling more spark with HID's. All of that from a stock lawnmower sized battery. I couldn't run my system at night. This battery changed everything overnight, and it fit perfectly in the tiny spot dedicated to the battery. A++++++

By Ryan on November 30, 2010


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way better than any capacitor!

I got this battery to replace a 1 farad cap and it was a lot better than the cap...when I had the cap my lights would dim and my amps would get really hot really that i have this powercell i have zero dimming lights and my amps do not get hot like they use to.....all in all i love this shuriken sk-bt35 and i recommended it to anyone! my next step is to get a bigger one to replace my starting battery!

By LARRY!! on January 10, 2011


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i bought this battery as the main battery for my wife's 2001 sunfire..

a lot smaller than a factory size..and gives 3x the power... never fails..

i also have a Shuriken bt-60 in the back powering a massive audio p1500.1.. CEA compliant 1500 RMS at 1 ohm..powering a custom 12" sub..and it doesn't drop below 14 volts..
awesome price awesome battery!!!

By eric on April 28, 2010


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It's great

I have had this battery for bout a year and its still going strong, the sk-bt35 is great it in my primary battery it starts my car and runs the system with zero voltage drop, if you thinkin bout getting it you should for the money you cant beat it.

By nick on October 6, 2011


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Did what I needed it too!

I bought two of these little guys to properly power my 4 DD 1500 10's on 2 Alpine MRP-M1000's. With the help of my big Kinetic HC2000 (also purchased from Sonic) and an Iraggi 320 amp HO alt for my Charger, these batteries perform wonderfully. My amps never got hot from lack of current or more importantly never shut down! Even now that they are powering a Fosgate T2000 power series amp, my headlight dimming is minimal... even picked up my db output which use to be 148.3 on a term lab (USAIC) meter! Now were rocking a smooth 149.5 and a 161.4 for port wars! Excellent product and I highly recommend this to anyone needing that extra juice to get the right setup!

By Trae on August 9, 2010


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Died after 8.5 motnhs

I bought this battery back in March 2011 to power my 2001 Hyundai Elantra GT as the primary battery. I have two 12" Alpine Type-E Subwoofers powered by a 400W Alpine amp so I thought this would provide plenty of power with room to upgrade in the future. About a month ago, my lights started dimming again like they did before I installed this battery. Friday (12/3), I went to leave for work and my car would not start (I had to use the clutch). I though it was because of the cold weather, but on Saturday it did the same thing. I called AAA and they jump started it so that I could take to a mechanic who tested it and said it was bad. (The AAA guy laughed at me because my battery was small.)

In short, this battery was awesome at first but now I have to see about getting it warrantied. Buyer beware; your mileage may vary.

By Joseph on December 4, 2011


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Great battery

Good product

By Danny on July 30, 2011


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Second Battery Installation in Polaris RZR-S

This battery was used as a second battery in a Polaris RZR-S UTV (off-road vehicle). The battery was a perfect fit on the storage compartment and works excellent with my Alpine PDX-5 (5-channel 800W certified) amplifier. The amp played for 2+ hours at a moderate volume before the battery voltage dropped below 12V. SonicElectronix shipped everything really quick.

By Joe on March 8, 2012


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Little package big impact

Threw this batt on my sonido mask 3k for a weekend of fun and surprisingly no light dimming and kept good voltage while banging.

By Banshi on March 28, 2018


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