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Sony Amps

unit is a solid and simple unit that does exactly what it states. clean look and have it slaved from a Slash1000.

By SB on October 8, 2013


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Great Amp.

Perfect little amp that drives a JL stealth box containing a single 10W3v3 and it goes loud and deep and its clean. It sounds so good its ridiculous. Awesome value.

By M. BRACCO on September 30, 2015


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Fantastic amp, will push Competiton.

I have this hooked into a dual 2 ohm Quantum 10" 2000w Competition series woofer with a 180 oz magnet. Also using a Rockford Fosgate capacitor, which seems to be made to work perfectly with this unit. All I can say is wow! I took a gamble purchasing this back when they were selling for 549.99 and bought directly from Sony. Put it to the test, and I just purchased this one at 153.99 prime. Going to use the second one to power the 2 Rockford Fosgate 8" door subs that were ordered with this amp in my Mustang. This amp if used with a capacitor, will push at the very least 1 2000 watt dual 2 ohm competition 10". I have a good friend in the audio buis that also cannot believe the performance I got after install. C-------d also gave this amp a 5 out of a possible 5 score, and has a good review. If your new to the game, C-------d is a good source of information.Hope this helps with your decision, you won't be dissapointed.

By Nick on September 30, 2015


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Awesome mix of spl and sq!!!!

got this to replace a really old Sony amp powering 2 old Sony 12's. The old Sony still works amazingly (exactly the reason why I stuck with Sony,I know this one is gonna last just as long) I was simply wanting more power and boy does this deliver. Still has all the sound quality of my old amp with a HEAVY dose of spl, actually gets hard to breathe while listening to bass heavy music!!!!Don't believe everything you hear on those audio forums...Sony has high Quality stuff...there's a reason it aint the cheapest!!!

By andrew on February 3, 2017 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great Product

This amp is by far the best amp I've ever had. I've had it since 2010 and it is still working perfectly. At the rate it's going it doesn't look like I'll ever need to purchase another one. This amp has plenty of power, especially if you wire your subwoofers down to 2ohms. I highly recommend it.

By Dillion on February 15, 2021


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Premium AMP

Solid compact design premium look and produce great sound and the bass.
Thank you Sony.

By Naeem on September 11, 2016


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