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Winter Park, FL

Powerful little brick!

April 5, 2017

My desktop setup is: Pioneer mvh-x580bs, this amp and a 30amp power supply. It's a home audio setup using car audio equipment.
I made bookshelves using 6.5" Silver Flute and NVX xsptw tweeters. The Pioneer deck has active crossovers (2 way plus sub).
It all sounds absolutely amazing! The bookshelves are .46 cubic feet each with a port. I do have an 8" powered sub to fill in the lows.
This little amp is so clean. Only gets very warm, but not too hot to touch. I don't worry about it as it has thermal protection included. There is no Gain control. I don't care, the amp sounds great.
I plan on putting a video demonstration on youtube soon.

Cons: Crossover is not useful at 120hz.It's not bridgeable either.

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