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Sweet Marine Amp

It's a great little amp that has never overheated even though it's in an airtight container. It does get very hot when worked but so far hasn't shut down once. It's running eight 2-way 4" Polk marine speakers @ 2? x 4 and a 12" Kicker L5 @2?. The product manual has the specs backwards on the output for the sub output @ 2? and 4? and there is no "4? bridged" as it is mono sub out.
This is all on a '18 Can-am 850 Max XT. Dual oem batteries.
I gave four stars on Features because it would be nice if it were Bluetooth or if it had a usb port for a dongle.

By RednecKreations on April 29, 2018 checkmarkIcon Verified purchase


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Great value

It does it's job. I have 8 6.5s and a 12 in sub on my boat and it powers them as good or better than any other amp I've had.

By Goongo4u on April 1, 2018


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Impressed for the price point

I work in the industry and I’m impressed this “New School” Rubicon amp! Using factory RAM head unit and an Audio Control LOC I have compared the 5.2000d to a SS Picasso Nano pn5.640d as well as a Class AB JBL GTO-504EZ... On mids/highs the 5.2000d certainly exceeds the power of the JBL at 2-ohm, with the nuance and dynamics that I demand. The Rubicon’s power is effortless. I can report that this budget amp delivers massive clean power with no audible noise. I will also comment that the Picasso Nano does a really good job and is comparable “watt for watt” to my JBL. At their limits, the JBL is more open, less strained than the Picasso, perhaps as expected. Therefore, the headroom confirmed by the Rubicon 5.2000d is appreciated. I feel that if you go Class D full-range, go up a step in power vs Class AB if you listen loud often...
I’m sending back the Nano 5.640 Nano but given a small car or limited space I’d certainly recommend one!

By gtirod on September 20, 2020


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